Service & Leadership

Service & Leadership

The Service & Leadership Residential Learning Program (S&L) is an initiative of Carolina Housing in partnership with APPLES and Carolina Leadership Development. We strive to promote a vibrant community of socially conscious individuals focused on developing exemplary leadership skills through academic-, service-, social-, and community-based experiences. Our aim is to enhance the residential and academic experience of students who select to be a part of our unique community and our spring semester course.

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Brief Overview:
Our residential program is ideal for students who have a passion for community outreach and public service. We use an array of service experiences to help students develop a strong understanding of social justice and to foster principles associated with leadership. Further, students in Service & Leadership will have numerous opportunities to build and refine the skills they need to be successful leaders through organizing events and mentoring one another. The Social Change Leadership Development Model serves as our framework for intentional activities, reflection, and involvement with on-campus and community groups.

Community Structure:
The following categories outline the main opportunities for S&L participants.

  • Service: Completion of at least 15 hours of service per semester offered by S&L or through other partners is expected by all students participating in the program. These hours will be planned by the community’s Student Coordinator, RAs, and by fellow S&L students. It is recommended that students enroll in the Public Service Scholars (PSS) program, as service hours through S&L can also count for PSS.
  • Leadership: In the Fall Semester, students participate in an 8-week workshop series focusing on the Social Change Leadership Development Model. In the Spring Semester, students participate in the Student Led Initiative in which they work in groups to plan and implement a service project for the community.
  • S&L Course:  Each spring semester students will enroll in an APPLES service-learning course. This course can count towards the Experiential Education (EE) General Education requirement. Specific course information will be shared with community members during the fall semester.

Leadership and Involvement Opportunities:
There will be several committees which form throughout the year designed to be planning teams for service events or other activities within the hall or in the community. These committees will be based on the interests of students within the community and also the monthly social justice themes. Participants can become leaders in the community through serving as a Student Coordinator or Community Mentor. Both positions allow for increased leadership skills and mentorship of other students.

Admission Criteria:
Our community is primarily designed for incoming first-year students, though students in their second year and beyond are welcome to apply, too! We also have a track for students who are in their second year of S&L.

All students will be required to complete an application to explain why they would like to be a part of the community and what they would bring to the community. Decisions regarding who is admitted into the program are made by the S&L Leadership Team. Please note: Students interested in joining the Service and Leadership RLP should anticipate dedicating 2-4 hours each week to the program.

Why you should consider S&L Residential Learning Program:
Service… AND Leadership… this is the ideal place to live for you to meet others interested in giving back to the community and learning important skills to become a leader. It’s fun, engaging, and will help you feel at home here on campus!

The Service & Leadership Residential Learning Program not only offers involvement in service projects, it also provides a welcoming sense of community and fosters friendships among participants. Many times, first-year students come to UNC not knowing anyone, and joining an RLP provides the opportunity to connect with others that have similar interests - a built-in group of friends before you even arrive.

Come join our family!

Derek MacDonald - Hinton James Community Director -

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