Global Scholars House

Global Scholars House


Written description:

The Global Scholars House is a Carolina Housing Residential Learning Program (RLP) located in Cobb Residence Hall that encourages students to explore their global interests and seeks to develop ethical and engaged global citizens.


Living, growing and learning together, the Global Scholars House provides the opportunity for UNC students to expand their worldviews, bolster their intercultural skills, and build relationships with peers from different cultures, disciplines, and backgrounds. The Global Scholars House also seeks to connect students with global resources/contacts and provide leadership development and service opportunities at UNC-Chapel Hill and beyond.

Program offerings

  • Language conversion tables
  • Cultural activities and excursions
  • Guest lectures
  • Service and leadership development opportunities
  • Intercultural training
  • Opportunities to connect with other global entities and programs on the UNC campus and beyond

Cohort demographics

The Global Scholars House RLP is of particular interest to international students, Global Studies and language majors & individuals planning to study abroad/returning from a study abroad experience.

That being said, all individuals, despite major or background, are encouraged to apply for the GSH RLP if you are interested in building your intercultural competence, global affairs awareness/knowledge, and relationships with other UNC peers. 

Patrick Preudhomme - Cobb Community Director -


Manning West Community