Blue Sky Innovation Community

Blue Sky Innovation Community

We’re excited to announce Blue Sky Innovation Community … coming to Carmichael Hall for Fall 2017! The first of its kind, this innovation-themed learning program will allow you access to a massive design space with creation tools and an open collaborative workspace to be inspired and build or join a venture. 

Brief Overview:

The mission of this community is to inspire students to shape an innovative and collaborative residential community using physical and virtual tools to engage in self-discovery, build diverse connections, and accelerate ideas to reality. 

We all need to live and learn with an innovative mindset – join us to begin that journey!

Potential offerings include:

  • UNC’s undergrad innovation club Carolina Think meetings
  • BeAM Maker workshops
  • UNC innovation speakers
  • Faculty research reverse pitches
  • Career planning resources
  • Campus Y social socials
  • Journalism social media sessions
  • Student + Entrepreneur-in-Residence mentors
  • Community service offerings
  • Applied science co-curricular programs
  • E-Minor creation labs
  • Launch Chapel Hill acceleration night
  • Carolina Challenge venture pitches

Students work to bring their ideas to reality, through the network of BeAM maker spaces and the support of the Blue Sky Innovation Community.

The Blue Sky Innovation Community offers spaces for residence to meet and share ideas. They can then transform those ideas into tangible goods. The concept for the redesigned maker space area in Carmichael is shown below.


Andrew Stone, Community Director

Carmichael Community