The goal of this Residential Learning Program is to provide a community which focuses on all eight dimensions of wellness, presenting opportunities for students to move toward a better understanding of health. The experiences offered in this community will facilitate healthier lifestyles in all facets of a students' well-being at Carolina and beyond.

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Brief Overview:

Located in Joyner Residence Hall, the Balance Residential Learning Program (RLP) is a community that explores the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. These dimensions include emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of wellness. The program seeks to help residents in understanding what it means to be “healthy” in all aspects of life and to build a community where residents feel connected, comfortable and capable of making the most of their time at Carolina.

Community Structure:

  • Educational Programmatic Component: Residents of the Balance RLP are encouraged to explore the "Eight Dimensions of Wellness" programming model which focuses on a different dimension each month. Each year the model is formatted by the existing Balance RLP leadership, which includes the Community Director, RLP RAs, and community student leaders. Residents of this RLP are expected to attend a Welcome Retreat in the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Social Programming Component: Throughout the academic school year, there are a variety of social sponsored activities to provide students the opportunity to connect with other residents within the RLP community and enjoy the social atmosphere. Some example events include capture the flag, welcome back luau, and ice cream socials.
  • Community Living Standard Component:  All students living in campus housing spaces are required to abide by local and state laws regarding alcohol and illegal substances while in the Balance RLP. Violation of this agreement could result in possible removal from the residential community.
  • Recovery House: This program is a subset of the Balance RLP. It works in conjunction with the Carolina Recovery Program to encourage a community that supports continued recovery, academic excellence, community, and a commitment to service to the greater UNC community.

Leadership and Involvement Opportunities:
The Balance RLP is led by a Community Director, 2 RAs, and a board of Balance student leaders who oversee program implementation. Balance provides residents with an opportunity to lead and implement programs and workshops as well as provide feedback to assist in the formation of new initiatives.

Admission Criteria:
Applicants must fill out the Balance RLP application in addition to the on-campus housing form. All students will be required to complete an application to explain why they would like to be a part of the community and what they would bring to the community.

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Why you should consider Balance as a housing opportunity:

  •  "I joined the RLP originally to avoid partying roommates and live close to the heart of campus. I've stayed in the RLP all four years because in addition to these things, I've found the RLP community to be as tight-knit as any community I've ever seen. Almost all of the friends I've made at college have come from being involved in the RLP, as have many of my best college memories. My experience at UNC simply would not have been the same without joining the RLP.”   -Matthew McHenry, Senior class
  •  "I spent my first year in another building on campus and I was ready for a change, so I joined sophomore year. I love Balance because it allowed me that change I needed. In Balance, I have met my best friend and felt the support of a community that is more than 50 people strong. You can't find a better place to live on campus with a support system that strong."   - Katie Way, Junior class

Brianna Horton - Connor Community Director -

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