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Meals with Heels

Meals with Heels

What is Meals with Heels?

Meals with Heels is a student-initiated program, in partnership with Carolina Dining Services, that invites faculty and residents of campus housing to get together for a free meal at a campus dining location of their choice. The intent is to facilitate casual conversations between faculty and students that build relationships and ultimately lead to student academic success.

How do I schedule a meal?

Be sure to completely follow all instructions in order to ensure a smooth reservation process.

1) Contact an instructor - Contact an instructor of a class you are currently enrolled in to discuss an appropriate time and location for the meal. Obtain two alternative times for your meal in case you are unable to be scheduled for your first choice. You can choose from two on-campus locations: Rams Head Dining Hall and Lenoir Dining Hall.

2) Application - Once a location is chosen, you must fill out the Meal Request Form below and email it to the contact on the form 1 week prior to the date of the meal. You and all other participants will be notified within a few days regarding the status of your application. 

3) Pick Up A Voucher - If confirmed, you can pick up the Meal Voucher from our Avery administrative office in the basement of Avery Residence Hall. You should plan to pick up the voucher at least one business day prior to your meal.

4) Evaluation - Following each meal, a survey will be sent out to all participants in order to ensure that student and faculty needs are being met and that necessary improvements are being made to the program.

Please contact Stacey Parker at if you have any questions.