Granville Towers and Carolina Housing

Granville Towers and Carolina Housing

Partners in Campus Housing

Granville Towers has been an important housing option for Carolina students for more than 40 years, serving as a privately owned and managed residence hall for UNC students. While Granville has always maintained a close working relationship with the University, this connection was solidified in the summer of 2009, when Granville Towers was sold to the University of North Carolina Foundation.

Since the sale, Granville has experienced many exciting changes while continuing on a proven track for successful student housing. Granville Towers operates financially as a private residence hall for the benefit of the University, and the leasing and facilities continue to be managed by EdR (formerly Allen & O’Hara Education Services).

In an effort to better connect its residents with the campus community, Granville Towers partnered with Carolina Housing who now maintains the residence life program by hiring, training, and supervising the Resident Advisor (RA) and Community Director positions. This partnership seeks to ensure Granville residents receive an overall experience comparable to what they would in on-campus housing.

Because Granville does maintain a private status, leasing and financials are handled internally which dictates a separate application and contracting process from Carolina Housing.  Carolina Housing does not assign students to Granville Towers and the applications are non-transferable.  This partnership has been a smooth and successful transition which has proven to be a very positive experience. 

For more information:

Granville Towers
University Square, West Franklin Street
2100 Granville Towers South
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Phone: 919-370-4500

For questions about leasing, billing, and general information:

For questions about residence life at Granville, please contact one of the Granville Towers Community Directors:

Keith Jones

Byron Green