Involvement Opportunities

Involvement Opportunities

There are a variety of ways for your student to get involved at UNC. Listed here are just some of the possibilities for our residents to engage with one another and help make the Carolina Experience even better.

Work for Carolina Housing

We offer many employment opportunities through Carolina Housing, including: Resident Advisors, Residential Computing Consultants, Office Assistants, Community Managers, RLP Coordinators, Customer Service Representatives, Conference Assistants, Conference Advisors, and Marketing Interns. Explore all of our opportunities.

Student Groups

Student groups are another great way to get involved. The Residence Hall Association has multiple involvement opportunities, from running for Community Governor, applying to be part of Community Government, or applying to be on the RHA Executive Board. Visit RHA's Get Involved page.

Residence Life Programming

Even if your student isn’t interested in a position with Housing or in a student group, just attending residence life programming and events can be a fun way to get involved! We offer entertaining, engaging events throughout the school year.  

The numbers tell the story! As a result of participating residence life programming and events, 71% of our students agree that they feel part of the campus community and 61% are more willing to try new things/attend new programs. Once more, 76% of students feel that they are able to meet individuals with different interests from their own, while 77% of students feel they are able to meet individuals with similar interests to their own!

Residence life programming gives students the chance to improve social and networking skills and allow them to become more comfortable meeting new people.

Opportunity Through Living

Just living in a residence hall can allow students the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. In a recent student satisfaction survey, 84% of our students agree that they interact with other residents (aside from their roommates) on a weekly basis. Living off-campus in isolated apartments can hurt a student’s chance to build networks and make connections.