On-Campus Amenities

On-Campus Amenities

There's so much more to living on campus than a cozy place to live! Carolina Housing offers many amenities that can make each student's life easier. We want UNC to feel like home, and these added benefits help accomplish that goal.

Residence Hall Association Services

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a single, consolidated organization that unites all residence hall governments. It is one of the largest student organizations at UNC, and RHA works very closely with Carolina Housing to make sure residence halls offer amenities that appeal to students and parents. Learn more about RHA. Services provided by RHA to on-campus include:

  • Community Enhancements: RHA provides many enhancements in each community that are easily checked-out by students at the front desk. These include: board games, cleaning supplies, cookware, DVDs, video games and consoles, sporting equipment, bicycles, tools, books, and even air mattresses for visitors. Click here to see the full list that each community offers: http://rha.unc.edu/enhancements/.

  • Carolina Lifestyles: RHA’s Carolina Lifestyles allows students to purchase carpets, bedding, mattress pads, shower sets, closet organizers, fans, utensils, lap desks, and many more items, including a microwave/refrigerator combo. Click here for more information: rha.unc.edu/carolinalifestyles/
  • Laundry Services: RHA provides wash, dry and fold laundry services through Laundrymen’s Campus Service. Click here to sign up: rha.unc.edu/carolinalifestyles/laundrymen/
  • Storage Facilities: If you need a full-service moving and summer storage program, use RHA’s Campus Carries. Click here to register and for more information: rha.unc.edu/carolinalifestyles/campus-carriers/

Safety and Security

  • Flexpass: All of our residence halls require a Flexpass to gain access 24 hours a day. Additionally, each room has its own lock. All halls are also equipped with a sprinkler system, smoke detectors, and fire alarms.
  • Emergency Call Boxes: Not only is the Department of Public Safety actually located on campus, but there are also 85 emergency call boxes scattered all around campus in close proximity to all of our residence halls. Click here for a map of the call boxes: http://gismaps.unc.edu/callbox/
  • P2P Express: The P2P Express operates from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am if your student spends a late night studying in the library and wants a safe, free ride back to their residence hall. Click here for more information: move.unc.edu/p2p
  • Learn more about how we are keeping our residents safe


Getting around campus is easy. There are lots of safe, well-lit walking trails. If your student prefers not to walk or walking is not an option, we have campus buses and shuttles, bicycle paths and racks, and even Zipcars for rent at discounted student rates.


Our residents have the option to purchase flexible meal plans through Carolina Dining Services. Both Top of Lenoir (North Campus) and Chase Dining Hall at Rams Head Plaza (South Campus) are conveniently located in close proximity to our residence halls. 


ResNET provides on-site IT support and laser printing stations to all of our residents for free! Visit ResNET.

Common Spaces

  • Kitchens: Each residence hall has at least one community kitchen equipped with an electric range, microwave, sink and countertop so students can easily make home-cooked meals. All of our on-campus apartments have full kitchens within the apartment as well.
  • Laundry Facilities: Every community has a laundry facility (located on the basement level or first floor) where students can easily wash, dry, and fold their clothing. UNC also offers the CaroLaundry service where residents can receive alerts for when machines or available or their cycle is completed.
  • Lounges: All residence halls have some type of lounge and/or recreational facilities, typically furnished with couches, chairs, televisions, and other items for recreational activities.


  • All residents have access to free high-speed wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) within the residence halls.
  • Residents also receive free cable television in their rooms, including an extensive list of HD channels and HBO Go. Click here to see the whole channel lineup: its.unc.edu/service/cable-tv-channel-lineup/