Check the rates

Visit our rates page to see the financial obligation for an entire academic year. All of our rates compare favorably to off-campus housing. Also, keep in mind that many off-campus housing options will lock your student into a lease for a full 12-month period, while we only require a 9-month commitment (though summer housing is available for students that would like to stay on campus). 

Easier on the budget

Another financial benefit to living on campus is that we charge students in one lump sum at the beginning of each semester. With this method, we ease the struggle of students attempting to balance a budget every month.

Bills, Bills, Bills ... are not a problem.

When considering the cost of transportation to and from campus, the additional parking fees many apartment complexes charge, the utility bills each month, and eating out more often, living on campus is most oftentimes more affordable than living off campus. Power bills, cable bills, grocery bills and gym membership bills can add thousands of dollars to living expenses each year. Living on campus eliminates that added burden.