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Carolina Housing

Residence Hall - Building Name Changes

July 22, 2020

Carolina Housing Community,

Carolina Housing is proud to stand with RHA’s leadership in full support of to remove the names on residence halls whose namesakes have a connection to white supremacy.  We stand ready to take all necessary steps to remove names on the first two buildings under consideration.  Furthermore, we pledge to continue to work with the University and Board of Trustees on future plans to remove building names as part of this process.

Steps such as this are necessary as Carolina Housing continues to support our Black students and colleagues in the face of ongoing and systemic racism. As the oldest state University, Carolina has a challenging and problematic history as it relates to race.  Our students have long called for this change. If we are to live the values in our mission, Carolina Housing must rise to this opportunity to create safer and more inclusive environments for those who live on campus.

As educators and advocates, we must continue to explore all areas in which substantive changes are needed and take action. We must continue to do better. Name changes are just a part of the ongoing anti-racist and social justice work to which Carolina Housing is committed.

In solidarity,

 Allan Blattner

Executive Director, Carolina Housing

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