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Carolina Housing

Capitol Incident Message

Carolina Housing
January 7, 2021

Dear residents,

Yesterday, we watched an armed insurrection occur at our nation’s Capitol. I am angered and saddened to write, once again, about violent and senseless acts that are all too common.  It remains true that incidents like this have a profound impact on our residential students and staff as they consider their safety in our residence halls.  

Carolina Housing stands in solidarity with the

Residence Hall Association in condemning these unconscionable acts.

We recognize that our current environment cannot continue to exist in this state and the impact of this climate requires support and resources for all of us.  I am writing to acknowledge the impact of this climate and to remind you that we are here to provide support and resources.  In addition to the resources found at the end of this message, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

In closing, we recognize that acts like what occurred yesterday are not new to our country and have continued to challenge our sense of belonging.  It is the responsibility of us all to seek social justice, and to help build a safer, kinder, and more welcoming campus.  Carolina Housing remains steadfast in our commitment to lead in this effort.  We hope you will join us as we work to create lasting and systemic change and a community of care in our residence halls. 


Allan Blattner

Executive Director

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