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Carolina Housing

Spring 2021 Housing Updates

Dear Carolina Housing current and future residents, 

As announced in the October 23 message from the Chancellor and Provost, we look forward to welcoming some students back to campus for spring semester 2021. After extensive consultation with campus stakeholders and public health experts, we will be offering only single occupancy rooms in on-campus housing. We anticipate housing approximately 3,500 students on campus and in Granville Towers – an increase of 2,000 students from our current on-campus residential population.   

As it has been for the fall semester, the on-campus living experience will be very different this spring, but one that will ensure an environment where our students can thrive. We want to help you to make an informed housing choice that best suits your individual circumstances. To facilitate this, we have developed two documents along with this email to provide details regarding our spring plans and anticipated conditions (Summary of Spring Housing Conditions and Additional Spring Housing Information). 

By submitting a spring 2021 housing contract, you commit to the following: 

  1. You will remain in on-campus housing regardless of the mode of instruction for your Spring 2021 classes; 
  1. You will adhere to the conditions included in the Summary of Spring Housing Conditions and in the University’s Community Standards; and 
  1. You acknowledge that failure to comply with these conditions and standards may result in the loss of your on-campus housing contract with no refund. 

The conditions and Community Standards referenced above have been carefully developed in consultation with public health experts to promote the health and well-being of every member of our community to the fullest extent possible. We will continue to expect all students to respect and follow these policies in order to keep our Tar Heel family safe. 

Housing Priority 

We aim to have an array of students from different classes, majors, and geographic locations living in our residences. If you are a current resident, your contract extends through May and your fall housing assignment will continue through to the spring (no application needed).   

The remaining residence hall spaces will allocated using the following considerations (not on a first-come, first-served basis):  

  1. Hardship
    • Students who lack access to safe, alternative housing
    • Students who lack access to reliable internet
    • Other compelling needs/hardships (financial, medical necessity, etc.)
  2. Special Circumstances
    • International Students
    • Students involved in academic/research programs that cannot be conducted remotely (Nursing Clinicals, ROTC, etc.)
  3. Currently Enrolled First-Year Students (Reminders: the first-year housing requirement is waived for this year and first-year students are not eligible for Ram Village)
  4. All Remaining Students who previously had Fall 2020 housing contracts
  5. Students who did not have Fall 2020 housing contracts

Housing Application Process 

  1. Housing application process will open on November 2, 2020 in the MyHousing portal. The application will include the process to indicate hardship or special circumstances (if applicable). 
  2. Priority deadline is Sunday, November 15, 2020 at 5:00 pm. 
  3. Applications received by the priority deadline will be processed based on the considerations listed above until available spaces are filled. Should demand exceed the number of available rooms, a random lottery will be used to determine the order in which assignments will be made. 
  4. Application will remain open after the priority deadline for other assignments based on availability. 

Spring 2021 Cancellation Policy

The cancellation penalties increase as you approach occupancy. If you wish to cancel your Housing Contract, please log into MyHousing Portal and fill out the "Housing Cancellation Request" form found online under the Online Forms section.

 *Please review the Housing Contract to see the prorated room rent schedule.

Summary of Spring '21 Housing Conditions

Re-Entry and Evaluation Testing: The University will require re-entry and regular evaluation COVID-19 testing for students during the spring semester. Residential students will be required to participate in the testing program as a condition of living on campus and continued enrollment.

Isolation and Quarantine Requirements: The University is expanding the number of quarantine/isolation spaces and ensuring that we are providing appropriate care and support resources in those locations in compliance with public health guidelines. Residential students will be required to relocate to the isolation and/or quarantine buildings if they are instructed to do so by Campus Health or the Orange County Health Department. Failure to comply with any quarantine and isolation directives will result in the loss of your housing contract for the year.

Masks/Face Coverings: In accordance with the University’s guidelines on face coverings and face masks, you will be required to wear a face covering/mask at all times while indoors in your suite/apartment and in residence hall restrooms, lobbies, elevators, stairwells, and other common areas. The ONLY place you will not be required to wear a covering/mask is in your assigned residence hall room when the door is closed. Residents who do not adhere to these guidelines will be refused service by a Carolina Housing staff member until they put on a mask. Violations of these standards may result in the loss of your housing contract for the year.

Visitation: For the health and wellbeing of residents and housing staff, visitors will not be permitted in the residence halls for any reason, with the exception of ARS-approved disability accommodations (e.g., personal health aides). Only residents officially assigned to a particular room/suite/apartment/building are permitted to be physically present in those spaces. Where applicable, residents will be allowed to enter another building in their residential community for the sole purpose of visiting the Community Office or accessing laundry facilities. Non-residents and campus residents assigned to another building are not permitted in your residence hall (including parents/family members, friends, study partners, and significant others). Residents will be permitted to bring a maximum of three Move-In Helpers (friends and family) during your move-in appointment only. Violations of this requirement may result in the loss of your housing contract for the year.

Suite/Apartment Changes: For the health and wellbeing of our residents, only department-initiated suite/apartment changes will be allowed after residents move in. This is necessary in order to minimize disruption to the family unit created in the living unit. Depending on emerging public health needs, residents may be required to relocate permanently to another room/building on relatively short notice. Residents are encouraged to bring only those belongings that are essential for the semester.

Use of Common Areas and Amenities: While most common areas in the residence halls will be closed, residents may use the opens areas in their assigned building as long as mask requirements, physical

distancing, posted occupancy limits, and other rules are followed. Some of the current protocols are as follows:

  • The elevator capacity during move-in is limited to 4 people: exclusively the resident and their move-in assistants (up to 3). During the rest of the year, elevator capacity will remain at 4 unless otherwise determined because of the elevator size and current University guidance. Where possible, stairwells will be designated as one-way. Residents who are able to use the stairs are encouraged to do so (especially those who live on lower floors).
  • Water fountains will be not be available, but ice machines and water bottle refill stations will remain functional (where possible). Residents should look for signage near these devices for further details. Additionally, vending machines will operate as normal.

ResNET Operations: ResNET student and professional staff provide individual and building-wide technology assistant to residents (printing, connection issues, etc.). Most services will be delivered remotely/virtually and, with strict adherence to mask and physical distancing requirements if in-person assistance is required.

Package Center Operations: The two on-campus package centers (located in Morrison and Spencer) each service specific residence halls. Mail and packages addressed to residents are delivered to their respective package center. Residents receive notifications when their mail is available for pick-up. The package centers may operate on a modified schedule, with strict adherence to mask and physical distancing requirements.

Community Office Operations: Each building/collection of buildings has a Community Office that serves as the hub for service delivery in the building(s). These offices will be open on a modified schedule and with strict adherence to mask and physical distancing requirements. Many services will be delivered remotely/virtually. To avoid potential issues with shared-use items, a limited number of enhancement items will be available for checkout at the start of the semester: cooking supplies, brooms, vacuums, and mallets (used to help adjust the height of the beds). Board games and other items will be added, if/when possible. Please consider the limited availability of these items as you make your plans. Updates will be provided via the hall newsletters.

Residential Staffing, Programs and Events: The residence halls will continue to have live-in staffing to help meet the needs of residential students. As the semester begins, most of the community development and educational programs in the residence halls will be virtual with very few in-person events. University-organized gatherings outside of classroom instruction are limited to no more than 25 individuals with strict adherence to mask and physical distancing requirements. The size of events may be further limited as needed to comply with public health guidelines or by the limitations of the event location. All in-person residence hall events will abide by these guidelines.

Please check your UNC email regularly for communications and updates.  We encourage you to follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram and check our website for late-breaking announcements.  If you have any questions or need further clarification, please feel free to contact us Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm (ET) at 919-962-5401 or housing

Stay well and take care, 

Carolina Housing

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