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Important Isolation Information for Residential Students

Information provided below is for all residents who have tested positive for COVID-19. 

General Guidance

Your test indicated that you have tested positive for Covid-19 and as such you should isolate for 5 days from your date of symptom onset, or the date you tested if you do not have symptoms. If you have no symptoms or your symptoms are resolving after 5 days, you can leave isolation and are encouraged to continue wearing a mask around others for 5 additional days. For more information on isolation guidelines, please visit Campus Health and the CDC Website.

If you have any health-related questions or concerns during your isolation, please reach out to Campus Health at 919-966-2281.
As you begin your isolation, please: 

  • Wear a well-fitting mask or face covering at all times. As a resource, please refer to this CDC guidance on proper mask wearing and how to improve fit. 
  • Notify any of your close contacts and encourage them to watch for symptoms and get tested if they feel sick. A close contact who is up to date on their vaccine does not need to quarantine and is permitted to continue with normal activities. For more detailed guidance on quarantine, visit the CDC quarantine instructions 
  • Consider how you are going to manage your academic coursework. Additional information about the COVID-19 class attendance and excuse process can be found on the University Approved Absence Office website.   
  • Other Isolation Instructions can be found at: 

Where to Isolate

We strongly recommend that you return home to complete your isolation period. If needed, you may also choose to isolate in your residence hall or University apartment, only leaving your space to receive medical care or for meals. The university is not providing separate housing or meal delivery to those who need isolation. 

How to Get Food While in Isolation

If you elect to isolate in your on-campus room:

Other Important Information if You Choose to Remain On Campus

  • You should use the bathroom and shower facility you typically use. 
  • You should not have any visitors, including family members or significant others, into the room. 
  • You are only able to leave your assigned room to pick up food or to get necessary medical care. During these brief periods, you should stay away from others in the building and wear a mask/face covering. Before going to Campus Health or any medical facility, students should call the facility first to let them know you have tested positive for Covid-19. 
  • You should not access public areas in your building such as kitchens, lounges, etc. You should not use laundry facilities unless absolutely necessary. 
  • Outside typical housekeeping, we will only provide emergency maintenance in your room during the isolation period.  As such, you should fill out a Fix My Room request only for immediate concerns. Housekeeping operations will not change during this period.  Housing staff (including Housekeeping, maintenance, CDs, RAs, and RCCs) will not enter rooms, suites, or apartments when unmasked people are present. 
  • We are expecting and relying on our community members to continue making good decisions in support of one another and the overall health of our community. Residents with repeated or intentional violations of these standards may be removed from campus housing and/or referred to Student Conduct for additional administrative action. 

    Resources When You're in Isolation

    Maintaining your overall personal well-being while you are isolating is important and there are many resources available to help. UNC Healthy Heels is here to support you! Visit for wellness resources and a full list of programs.


    Important Numbers

    • As always, if you require immediate emergency or medical assistance, call 911.  
    • If you have a non-emergency medical question regarding COVID 19 please contact Campus Health at 919-966-2281 or your health provider. 
    • If you have a typical residential question (lockout, etc.), please contact your Community Office.
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