The "Community Immersion" Philosophy

The "Community Immersion" Philosophy

"Community Immersion is one of Carolina Housing's signature strategies that helps residential students achieve academic and social success.  Community Immersion is the way in which staff directly engage residents, sharing in their successes and assisting with their concerns and challenges.  Each student’s journey at Carolina is unique so our approach must be one-on-one as we help students connect with their community, with the campus, and with opportunities that expose them to all that is available at Carolina.” 

Allan Blattner, Executive Director 

Here is how some of our other staff members have interpreted Community Immersion:

 "Community Immersion is about making a big place smaller by personalizing the experience for our students.  It’s about hiring staff who want to get to know our residents through our programs and services.  It’s about being available to our residents and helping them to find their own Carolina Experience!"

- Rick Bradley, Director of Admin. Services


“Community Immersion is a commitment to not only being physically present, but also being aware, accessible, welcoming and engaging. In Olde Campus Lower Quad, we prioritize community immersion as it is a First Year Experience community and we have the opportunities to make a lasting impact on Carolina students. We look for ways to engage residents and provide opportunities for them to get out of their rooms, meet people outside of their floor and expose them to the overall campus environment. As the Community Director, I keep my door open, walk the halls on a regular basis and the RA staff models similar behavior in an effort to have meaningful interactions with residents.”

- Alexis Thornton, Community Director - Lower Quad 


"Community Immersion is not a one-size-fits-all approach, instead, it's a strategic and tailored effort within each community.  It's something that is constantly shifting based on student needs. For me, Community Immersion has consisted of walking around the community and showing up to RA programs to develop organic relationships with residents outside of my office, something which oftentimes shifts residents' perspectives to viewing RAs and Community Directors as resources who are present to support and advocate for them in all aspects of their Carolina Experience. Through developing relationships with each resident, CDs are able to better identify specific needs and alter their immersion approaches to better serve their residents."

- Annie Lundeen, Community Director - Kenan


"Community Immersion is the unique opportunity to live, learn, and grow with others living around you. It could be playing board games in the lobby, finding a new study group on the hallway, or a communal meal in the kitchen. Community Immersion is making the residence hall feel like home and a family away from home whether it is through the daily interactions, or a fun program put on in the building.  Community Immersion is being part of something that connects you to your fellow Tar Hells during your time at Carolina!"

- Patrick Preudhomme, Jr. - Community Director - Cobb


Community Immersion is Carolina Housing's approach to fulfilling our commitment to student success, satisfaction and self-awareness.