Carolina Together - Roadmap to Fall 2020 - Housing FAQs

Carolina Together - Roadmap to Fall 2020 - Housing FAQs

*Some questions and answers listed below are directly from the Carolina Together web site's "Housing and Dining" section and are displayed via the Carolina Housing web site as an additional way for students and parents/families to more easily find information.  For the full FAQ list, please visit: 


Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office: 919-966-3576 or at 

- Last Updated:  July 7, 2020 

When can I move in to my on-campus housing assignment?

All students will be able to move to their on-campus Housing from Aug. 3 - Aug. 9.  Students must schedule a Move-In Appointment.  Details were sent in the Housing Assignment email.  Students have been notified of their Housing Assignments as listed below:

Main campus returning students by June 12, 2020

All Granville Towers students by June 15, 2020

Main campus First-Year students by June 19, 2020

Main campus transfer students by June 26, 2020

Can I cancel my Housing Contract if I already applied for Housing?

If you wish to participate in Carolina Away, or the Remote Learning option, we ask that you notify us of your final decision as soon as possible, via an email to:  
Housing contract cancellations will be for the whole contract, including both Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters.  You must reapply for Housing for the Spring 2021 semester, however, it will be based on availability at that time.  We anticipate Spring 2021 Housing Applications to open sometime in October and will send out more details then. 

What will Housing operations be like?

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Residence halls will operate at normal capacity, with a limited number of rooms held for residents with immunocompromised conditions as approved by Accessibility Resource and Services.

Roommates in residence halls will be treated as a single household and, for this reason, will not be required to wear a mask while inside their dorm room, although they are expected to wear masks or face coverings in common areas and outside of their rooms where physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain. We are expecting full occupancy in the residence halls made available this fall.

What will the Move-In process be like?

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Given the early semester start date with classes beginning on Aug. 10, the housing calendar will also begin Aug. 3 - Aug. 9 for all students by appointment only.  Move-in Groups will consist of the student and a maximum of 3 other helpers.  As mandated by University Guidelines on Face Coverings and Face Masks, face masks are required by all when on campus. For more details:

Check out the 20-21 Move-In Guide for more details!

The following operational changes will be evident across all campus residence halls and Granville Towers:

  • We will pre-schedule appointments to help achieve physical distancing throughout the move-in process. Residents should limit the number of people they bring to help them move. Before coming to campus to move-in, all individuals should check for symptoms using the COVID-19 screening checklist at Anyone exhibiting symptom(s), should not come to campus and consult their health care provider.
  • We will require residents moving in, and those assisting them, to wear masks throughout the move-in process.
  • We will ask residents to limit the volume of belongings they bring with them to campus in case they are required to move rooms or return home during the semester. As the fall progresses, it is possible that residents will need to move rooms as housing is consolidated to meet potential health challenges.
  • We will place signage on elevators limiting occupancy to a specific standard.
  • We will post safe usage guidelines including physical distancing and occupancy limits for all common areas, including lounges and lobbies, as well as the Makerspace, Art Studio and eGaming Arena.
  • We will pre-determine and recommend the ideal furniture organization for each room to allow for maximum physical distancing.
  • We will increase the cleaning/disinfection frequency of common “high touch” areas (including elevator buttons and exterior door handles) and restrooms throughout each day.
  • We will place hand sanitizing stations in buildings, particularly in elevators, restrooms and common areas.
  • We reserve the right to amend guest visitation policies to restrict (or prohibit) non-residents from entering residence halls.

Are there plans for Isolation & Quarantine of students who may be positive for Coronovirus while on campus?

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  • Craige North Residence Hall will be used to provide housing to residential students who have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus but do not have a confirmed diagnosis through medical testing. The use of appropriate physical separation will be as directed by Campus Health Services or other health authorities.
  • Per guidance from Campus Health Services, private rooms, bathrooms and refrigerators will be provided to each student that has been exposed to COVID-19 but has not yet tested positive for the virus.
  • After the recommended separation time period has elapsed or as otherwise determined by Campus Health Services, students without a positive COVID-19 test will be permitted to return to their original residence hall room.
  • Parker Residence Hall will be used to provide housing to residential students who test positive for COVID-19.
  • According to infectious disease and public health experts, those who have tested positive for COVID-19 do not require the same separation restrictions as those who have not tested positive because they already have the virus. Therefore, rooms for students testing positive for COVID-19 may be double occupancy, and residents will share restrooms just as they did in their original residence hall.
  • During the fall 2020 semester, Craige North and Parker Residence Halls will not be used for regular housing assignments. Carolina Housing has contacted residents assigned to these buildings.

UNC: COVID-19 Student Care Hub

Per the Chancellor's message on April 2, 2020, COVID-19 has disrupted our campus community in many ways. In response, UNC-Chapel Hill has established a Student Care Hub to support you, our students, as you navigate the impact of these extraordinary circumstances.  Here, you will find a place to learn more about financial resources, academic support, and health and wellness information, as well as a place to connect with those across the university that can help when needed.  

CV19 Student Care Hub was created for ALL students – undergraduate, graduate, professional or part-time – whether you are living in North Carolina or abroad.  The same strengths that brought you to Carolina — your brilliance; your work ethic; your willingness to see the best in others — will help you respond to the current moment with courage, resilience and creativity. These qualities will enable you to continue your academic success and work toward the life you want to lead.

Carolina Student Impact Fund: To Help Students Affected by COVID-19

For more details about the Carolina Student Impact Fund, click here.  

The fund will provide emergency support for various expenses, such as housing, food, travel and technology to students who are unable to meet the unexpected financial burdens resulting from the effects of the novel coronavirus.  Undergraduate, graduate and professional students who need assistance should email or