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Summer Upgrades and Changes!

July 18, 2022

By Tamara Royster, Summer 2022 Marketing Intern

Although many students return home over the Summer, Chapel Hill continues to improve. I had the chance to live on campus during the Summer and have seen these changes firsthand. It can seem like a whole new world once you return, but I’m here to go over some of the biggest changes that took place while most students were at home. 

CVS Pharmacy on Franklin St. Closes 

The CVS Pharmacy at 137 E Franklin St closed on Thursday, June 16 but you don’t have to go too far for your CVS needs. The closest CVS can be found inside the Target at 143 W Franklin St. There is also the Student Stores Pharmacy and Campus Health Pharmacy available for anyone needing to pick up their prescriptions. 

Cook Out Coming to Chapel Hill (Finally!!!) 

No this is not a drill. A Cook Out will be opening at the space formerly occupied by the Burger King at 450 S Elliot Rd. It’s not too long of a drive from campus, so get ready for a shorter drive to get some delicious Cook Out trays. 

Laundry Room Upgrades 

All of the laundry rooms on campus now have new washers and dryers! They take less time to wash and dry your clothes and are more reliable than the previous machines. I have tried out the ones in Rams Village 1 and am absolutely in love with the new machines! I was so happy thinking about how I no longer have to worry about half-dried laundry! Don't forget to download the Laundry App - Washlava powered by 4thID so you know when your clothes have finished washing and drying! Laundry will be free for Fall 2022. Don't forget to download the Laundry App so you know when your clothes have finished washing and drying! That means you can save money to be used at other places such as… 

The Student Union Wendy’s is now a Bojangles 

Prepare those Plus Swipes. The Wendy’s in the Student Union will open in the Fall as a Bojangles. Although I will personally miss having easy access to Frosty’s, I am very excited to grab a Chicken Biscuit and Cajun Fries for dinner! 

I told you there were a lot of big changes. The closing of the CVS is definitely sad, but there was a lot of good news to balance it out. What are you most excited about? Personally, it’s been months since I’ve had a Cook Out tray so you will probably see me there the first week it opens!  

There are a lot of exciting things for both new and returning students to look forward to. It’s always interesting to see how Chapel Hill changes at the start of each semester. The one thing that never changes is the excitement as students return. As much as things may change the people who live and learn in Chapel Hill are what makes this town wonderful. 

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