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By: Samantha Thompson

Of the high-rises that paint the skyline of south campus stands Morrison, the Official Sophomore Residence Hall. Its convenient placement on campus and fun community make Morrison a popular Second Year residence hall. Why should you consider Morrison? Well, here are three reasons why!


Morrison, also known as Motown, houses over 800 second-year students. This high concentration of sophomore students is known to create a unique living experience found nowhere else on campus! Because these students share common experiences on campus, Morrison promotes a tight-knit community. Much like what students experienced during their previous year at Carolina in first-year residence halls, Morrison’s community encourages students to socialize with students in their same classification and even major or club! While each of the living communities on campus will host a friendly environment, students living in Morrison find living amongst other sophomores to be profoundly supportive.

Here is what sophomore Christopher W. has to say: “My favorite thing about Morrison is the community and the Art Studio!”


Morrison’s community is like no other but it’s also important to consider its relation to other places on campus. If you need to get to north campus, Morrison has quick access to the walkways around Kenan Stadium to get to either Genome Science Building or Student Stores. If you need to catch the bus, Morrison has access to both the U Campus Bus and the RU Campus Bus across the street near Craige Deck.

Morrison is also the closest residence hall to Rams Head Market, Chase Dining Hall, and Rams Head Recreation Center. Packages can be conveniently picked up right downstairs at the Morrison Package Center.  When Carolina Football plays home games, Morrison residences will not have a far walk to Kenan Stadium.


If you lived in the first year rises, or even if you wanted to, you’ll love Morrison! It offers the same suite-style experience as the other first-year high rises. Four rooms, each with two roommates, and a bathroom at the end of the hall. Morrison also has single rooms available, but it is known for the Morrison Super Suite.

Super Suites are unique to Morrison. The suite includes three bedrooms, each with two roommates, and a bathroom with two sinks, one toilet, and one shower. But rather than the fourth bedroom typical in other suites, super suites include a lounge area with two armchairs and a sofa. The lounge area is the perfect place to relax, catch up with friends, or do some homework! Super suites do not include kitchens and are not available to be cleaned by housekeeping however, they are well-liked amongst Morrison residents for the privacy and space they offer. You’ll find no other rooms like this on campus.

For your second year at UNC, there’s no place to be like Morrison. If you still aren’t convinced, check out the Carolina Housing website to explore the halls of Morrison. Here, you’ll be able to read more about the specifications and take a virtual tour of the single, double, and super suite options.

By: Samantha Thompson

After your first year at UNC, choosing where you want to live may become even more difficult. It’s no longer just a matter of north or south campus, but rather, on or off-campus. Chapel Hill offers a variety of living options but there is nothing quite like Carolina Housing. To help you decide whether you want to spend another year on-campus or venture off, here are the top five perks of living on-campus.


Arguably, the most important perk of living on-campus is that you’re right here where your classes are. Whether you're on south campus or north campus, living on-campus offers the fastest commute to any of the classroom buildings at UNC. Additionally, the bus system can take students to any place on-campus that their classes may be. Living off-campus may mean longer commute times or even trouble with parking. If you’re living on-campus, all you have to do is leave your building and walk, ride, or bike to class - it’s that simple!


Carolina works hard to create a unique and safe community for students, and Carolina Housing (as well as the Residence Hall Association) work to do the same within residence halls. This sense of community established on-campus cannot be found anywhere else and is often an assurance for students. Residence halls like Morrison, which only houses sophomore students, or residence halls hosting Residential Learning Programs, seek to group students with classmates that have similar interests as them. These shared environments make learning and living in college easier and more comfortable.

Additionally, living amongst other students on-campus can create special moments. Whether it be meeting new friends in your residence hall or growing close with your suitemates, the spontaneous moments that happen on-campus throughout the school year cannot be created anywhere else. It’s what makes your Carolina Experience!


Being in college can create unique troubles for students. But UNC understands these troubles and works to help students overcome them. The maintenance of living on your own can become expensive and overwhelming, especially for students doing it for the first time. This is why Carolina Housing supplies residence halls with enhancements such as vacuum cleaners or cooking supplies for students so they don’t have to be financially burdened. And, if your residence hall is unable to provide you with something you need, they will always give you a list of additional resources on-campus to help you.


Residence halls also host many events throughout the year and all over campus! These events vary—some are offered for athletic events; others are simply to celebrate students. Whatever the occasion, events thrown at residence halls are the perfect place to meet new people living in your building and even get free food and swag! Again, these events are created with students in mind and work to cater to your interests while also providing the support and resources you may need.


Finally, living on-campus is often the most affordable option for students. Pricing for on-campus living is all inclusive. This means that you pay one price a semester for everything you are offered in residence halls with no surprise billing. Also, on-campus living is a 9-month obligation rather than a 12-month obligation, and this paired with no deposit or application fee, puts on-campus living in a favorable position financially.

When you live on-campus you are only responsible for bringing personal items and any decorations you want. Living off-campus often means students will be responsible for providing and/or maintaining furniture, appliances, and any other supplies they may need. Off-campus living is much more than a one-time fee (as is offered with on-campus living), it is a lengthy and often pricey responsibility that should be considered seriously before deciding to chose this option.

Choosing to live on or off campus requires surveying a variety of factors and it varies from student to student. However, living on-campus is an experience created for students and is continually updated to meet the needs of each new generation of Tar Heels! There’s no place like on-campus to have the full and great Carolina Experience!

Unleashing My Inner Creativity at Morrison

When I moved into Morrison at the start of my sophomore year, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My dad, also a Tar Heel, stayed in Morrison all four years during his time at Carolina, so you can probably guess he was pretty excited when I told him I’d be staying there this year. Still, I didn’t really know what my Morrison experience would bring. Things aren’t the same at Carolina now as they were in the 90s, after all, something I’ve often had to tell my alumni parents. Would things be better? Worse? Would I really enjoy living here?

Something important to know about me is that I’m very much a creative person. I love to make new, unique, and meaningful things from nothing, whether that’s a spotless wall in need of decoration or a blank canvas waiting to be painted. So I’m happy to say that although I’ve only lived in Morrison for a few weeks, this residence hall has already given me plenty of opportunities to let my creative juices flow freely! What exactly do I mean by that? Take my living space as an example. My suitemates and I live in a super suite, something available exclusively in Morrison on the top few floors. In a super suite, one of the four bedrooms in a normal suite is removed to make space for a lounge area. From what I’ve heard, they’re pretty popular with sophomores, so I’m glad we were able to snag one! Decorating the living room with my suitemates was a blast—with all the extra space, we could really get creative with how we wanted the area to look. We picked a color theme (neon pinks and purples!) and ordered decorations like neon signs and colorful posters, and I’ll never forget how excited we all were whenever a package arrived! I love that we were able to work together to create our own space and make it feel like home.

I haven’t just been creative with my living space since I moved in. Morrison is also home to an Art Studio on the bottom floor, where residents can utilize painting and drawing supplies free of charge and create to their heart’s content! As someone who indulges in visual art as a hobby, my mind was absolutely blown when I found out about this amenity. I first visited during my freshman year, when my friends and I went together and had a group painting session. I went back another time to refine an art project for one of my classes - a self portrait!

I haven’t gotten to visit the Art Studio as much since this year began, but as the rigor of my classes continues to increase, I’ll definitely swing by there soon to relax and ease my mind by making something cool and colorful.

As a whole, I’m loving life in Morrison so far, and I really appreciate that this residence hall has done so much as far as allowing and encouraging me to express my creativity. To anyone reading this, I highly encourage you to take advantage of these creative opportunities should you choose to live in Morrison next year, as well as the many opportunities available around campus.

My Pros & Cons of Living in Morrison Residence Hall

PROS of Living in Morrison

CONS of Living in Morrison

What is it like to have two parents who attended UNC Chapel Hill? Interesting, to say the least. As a child, I tagged along to football games with my parents and their college friends; all people they met living in Morrison residence hall or from being in the Marching Tar Heels. Needless to say, I never pictured myself attending a college other than UNC. It was predestined for me to also be a member of the Marching Tar Heels, which has also introduced me to some of my closest friends. My parents were thrilled on move in day my freshman and sophomore years. Especially when moving me into Morrison, my parents enjoyed reminiscing on their own college days, telling stories about living there and meeting the friends they still have to this day.  My mom particularly enjoyed telling me about the time that she got stuck in the elevator with her best friend and seven guys, making her late to the marching band’s pregame performance for a football game. I often think about the experiences of my parents and wonder what stories I’ll be telling my family and friends one day.

Morrison is definitely the best place to live as a sophomore on South Campus. The location is not too far from my classes on North Campus (a 10-minute walk) and really close to the university resources I like to utilize, like the Learning and Writing Center. It's also really close to the Rams Head gym and Chase dining hall. I also like how Morrison has its own art studio. All of the supplies are free to use, and I love spending my time in the art studio painting decorations for my room or de-stressing from classes. I also like how aesthetically pleasing Morrison is, from its origami crane structure stretching from the second floor to the floor-painted mural on the basketball court. From the seventh floor of Morrison, I can basically see the entire campus, from the tip of Davis's eight floor to the inside of the Kenan football stadium. All of these wonderful little facets of Morrison tie together to make me feel comfortable living here and to treat it as my second home away from home.

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