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By: Tamara Royster, Summer 2022 Marketing Intern

Carolina Housing has partnered with several different groups around campus to build spaces to support students. Whether you want to game with friends, unleash your creative potential, or find resources to make healthy food at home, there’s a place for you to do it! 

Carolina Gaming Arena 

The Carolina Gaming Arena is on the ground floor of Craige Hall and has 36 high-end PC stations as well as over 10 gaming consoles. Students can also bring one guest if they want to play with a friend who is not a UNC Student. You can reserve time to use the PC Stations or consoles at 

students playing video games in the Gaming Arena

Morrison Art Studio 

The Morrison Art Studio can be found on the bottom floor of Morrison Residence Hall. All of the art supplies there are free to use! They have a selection of water based paints, tools and canvases for you to use! You can also use your own supplies after getting permission from a staff member. Just watch the quick video orientation on their website and you’re all set! You can find out more about the Morrison Art Studio at their website.  

Hardin Advisory Hub 

The Hardin Hub for Career and Academic Advising allows students on South Campus to easily meet with a Career or Academic Advisor. They are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm during the Academic Year. You can also meet with an advisor during their virtual drop-in hours. Just look for the yellow umbrellas and signs on the first floor of Hardin Residence Hall. 

Carolina Cupboard 

Carolina Cupboard is an on-campus food pantry that provides food and toiletries at no cost to students in need. The staff is super nice and don’t mind helping you get whatever you need! There’s even a recipe book that uses many ingredients you can find at the Carolina Cupboard. They are located in the basement of Avery Residence Hall and can be accessed through the side doors. You can find out more and make an appointment at 

Carmichael Makerspace 

You may have passed by some of the BeAM makerspaces on campus, but did you know that there is one in one of the residence halls? The BeAM@Carmichael makerspace is located on the first floor of Carmichael Residence Hall. Anyone who wishes to use the makerspace has to go through the BeAM 101 training. You also have to go through training if you wish to use the 3D Printer, Electronics Tools, Embroidery Machine, Serger and Coverstitch, Sewing Machine or Vinyl Cutter. It is absolutely worth it to get a chance to use these tools. They also provide free materials, but make sure you double check their website for specifics on what they provide. 

Edible Campus 

Edible Campus UNC is a program of the North Carolina Botanical Garden. They create working landscapes across UNC-Chapel Hill to facilitate campus engagement in topics of food and agriculture sustainability. There are satellite beds all over campus, including at some of our Residence Halls. You can find them at Stacy, Graham, and Hardin! There is also a cookbook that was made in association with Carolina Cupboard and APPLES Service-Learning on how to make affordable and healthy seasonal foods on campus. You can find the cookbook and more information about Edible Campus at their website: 

That was a lot to cover, but I’m glad that Carolina Housing provides so many resources and opportunities for students. I already have ideas for things I want to try at some of the partnership spaces. I have heard of people using the BeAM@Carmichael makerspace and Morrison Art Studio to make their own Halloween costumes! I would also like to play a game of Mario Party with some of my friends at the Carolina Gaming Arena and try making a homecooked meal with the food provided by Carolina Cupboard and Edible Campus. Whenever I need help with career or advising questions, then I can stop by the Hardin Hub! Which partnership space is your favorite? I would love to see what other students like to do! 

By: Samantha Thompson, Summer 2022 Marketing Intern

The events hosted for students in the first couple of weeks of school are a great way to become acclimated with campus and meet tons of new people. Here is a list of some important Welcome Back traditions and a few tips for when you arrive on campus.  

WEEKS OF WELCOME - August 11th to August 28th  

UNC Weeks of Welcome, more commonly referred to as WOW, is an annual two-week-long event with daily programs, activities, and experiences meant to help new and returning Tar Heels feel welcomed into the Carolina community. Featured events invite students to talk with professors, learn more about campus & Chapel Hill, as well as meet other students.  

NEW STUDENT CONVOCATION – Sunday, August 14th | 5PM to 6PM 

New Student Convocation commemorates the beginning of your journey at UNC, hosted annually in Kenan Stadium. Speakers, including the student body president and Chancellor Guskiewicz, fill students with inspiring words and well wishes for their school.  

FALL FEST – August 14th | Immediately following convocation  

Cornhole boards fill the field at Fall Fest, a Week of Welcome staple, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

After convocation, head over to Fall Fest! It gives the students the chance to learn more about the organizations and academic departments on campus. With fun games, performances, free swag, and even free food, Fall Fest is the perfect event to start off the school year. Fall Fest is another great opportunity for you to find other students who have similar interests.  


A first-day-of-class tradition, students stand in line for a drink from the Old Well at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

If you see a long line in front of The Old Well on your first day of class, you should join it---well, if you have time, wait! Drinking from The Old Well is known to bring students luck throughout the semester.  


There are many helpful apps you should download before you get to campus. CarolinaGO gives you access to tons of useful resources, Coursicle helps you keep track of your classes, GET Mobile gives you digital access to your OneCard, and Transloc and NextBus track the bus routes so you’re always on time. 

Walk your classes before the first day! Finding buildings and the best ways to get to them can take some time. I recommend using Google Maps to find buildings because it's more walker friendly. And if you don’t have time to walk your classes and you’re having difficulty finding where you need to be on the first day, don’t be afraid to ask someone. Everyone is very understanding and willing to help! 


Now that you know all the big back-to-school traditions at UNC and a couple of helpful tips, you can rest assured that you won’t miss out on anything once you arrive on campus. I hope you have fun in your first couple of weeks on campus!

By: Gabriela Duncan, Summer 2022 Marketing Intern

Although first-years are not allowed to have cars on campus, there is no shortage of accessible locations on campus to explore by walking or taking the Point 2 Point (P2P) bus from your residence hall. 

Ackland Art Museum 

Located right next to Top Of The Hill on South Columbia Street, the Ackland Art Museum is completely FREE and has a new exhibit every few months! 

Varsity Theater 

The Varsity Theater is a Chapel Hill classic located on East Franklin Street in-between Lightyears and the Blue Horn Lounge. It is a wonderful place to go if you want to watch movies for a much lower price than at other theaters! One of my favorite events at the Varsity Theater is the Rocky Horror Picture Show every Halloweekend. If that interests you, get your tickets in the Pit right away when it's time to because it sells out fast! 

Carolina Basketball Museum 

This one is not as well-known as the others, surprisingly! The Carolina Basketball Museum is located on Skipper Bowles Drive next to the Dean Smith Center and the Koury Natatorium. It is within walking distance from many of the first-year residence halls. This museum has everything you could dream of regarding Carolina Basketball, including Coach K’s famous letter to Michael Jordan. 

Morehead Planetarium 

This place is SO COOL! Even if you are not super into space, you will be after a visit here. As a UNC student, you are offered admission for a discounted price when you bring your One Card. A fun fact that many might not know about the Morehead Planetarium is that between 1959 and 1975, nearly every astronaut who participated in the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Apollo-Soyuz programs trained here! 

Coker Arboretum 

A tree with yellow flowers
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This location is right on campus by Spencer Residence Hall! It is a beautiful place to walk around, take pretty pictures, and take in the beauty of the beautiful flowers around you. Better yet, it is free! 

By Tamara Royster, Summer 2022 Marketing Intern

You may have noticed the Chapel Hill Transit buses around town. I know there are some students who don’t know anything about riding and might be intimidated to ask. As a seasoned patron of Chapel Hill Transit, I thought it would be a good idea to share my knowledge with all of you as well as some tricks! 

Chapel Hill Transit buses are free to ride! You just hop on and that’s it! Masks are required but there are usually free ones available at the front and back entrances. The yellow cord next to the windows can be pulled to signal the driver that you want to get off at the next stop. If you don’t hear a voice that says “stop requested” after pulling the yellow cord, you might need to go up to the driver to let them know. I always like to say “thank you” to the drivers when I get off of a bus. Driving a huge bus full of people safely and for long periods of time can be difficult, so I always like to let them know they’re appreciated. 

The U + You! 

One of the most popular bus routes is the U. It goes in a circle and has stops at South Campus, the Student Union, Carolina Coffee Shop, and the Morehead Planetarium! The popularity of the U route does lead to it being full at peak times. There may be times when the bus reaches full capacity, and you cannot get a seat unless you show up to the bus stop early. Make sure you leave plenty of time for traveling to class in case the bus is full. 

RU A Pro? 

Another popular route is the RU. It basically goes the opposite of the U route although there are some differences. The RU does not have any stops on Franklin Street, instead it has stops on East Cameron Avenue. The RU can also get pretty busy at peak times, so make sure you have plenty of time to get to class before riding. The RU runs Monday-Friday so I would recommend taking the U route on weekends. 

NU Places to Go! 

The NU goes off campus and one of its major destinations is the RR lot. Many students park at this lot and take the NU to get to campus. There are also stops at some off-campus apartments along Hillsborough Street. The NU is a quicker way to get to the Public Safety bus stop from the Student Union than the U. The U stops in front of Hinton James and the Dean Dome before going to Public Safety, while the NU heads straight to the UNC Hospitals after leaving the Union. I also use it to get to Fetzer Gym, Student Stores, or Lenoir from Public Safety.   

Tips & Tricks 

The U and RU can get full quickly, but there are other buses that some students may not know. One of my favorite tricks is to take the FCX from Public Safety to Fetzer Gym. It’s a quick way for me to get to the Union in a pinch! 

Bus schedules change for big events such football and basketball games, and other events around Chapel Hill. Make sure to plan ahead if there is anything important going on around town. The buses can also get caught in traffic too so watch out if you need to get somewhere around 9am or 5pm on weekdays. 

As of this writing, real time bus tracking is not available. You can download pdf’s of every bus route at the Town of Chapel Hill website. There are also printed versions of every route in the Student Union next to the Information Desk and on the Chapel Hill Transit Buses as well. 

Those are the bus routes that most students use, but there are so many more that take you all over Chapel Hill and Carrboro. You can also ride the green GoTriangle buses, which take you to Durham, Cary, and Raleigh. GoTriangle buses are fare free until June 2023. I highly encourage you to explore these options for yourselves! 

Happy Riding! 

By: Gabriela Duncan, Summer 2022 Marketing Intern

The first days at Carolina are magical but can also be highly overwhelming. “What should I be doing right now?” “What if I am not making the most of my time here?” “Am I even going to make friends??” RELAX, I got you covered. Here are some easy things that you can do that will make your first year at Carolina worthwhile!

Go To Fall Fest (Welcome Week, August) 

After a two-year hiatus, Fall Fest will be back! It is a giant involvement fair on Hooker Fields right across from Winston Residence Hall during Welcome Week. This event is a wonderful way to get acquainted with all  the clubs Carolina has to offer, and there are also tons of free merch to grab. Therefore, I recommend going in with a tote bag to hold all of it!  

Watch Sunset Serenade (Welcome Week, August) 

Of the many fun events from Welcome Week at Carolina, this is one of my favorites. All you need to do is grab your blanket and walk over to the quad in front of Wilson Library, where you can sit back, relax, and listen to the Acapella groups on campus perform!  

Go To Franklin Street With Your Suitemates (Whenever, but I recommend at the beginning of the year) 

Franklin Street, the center of student nightlife, is accessible location to get to by taking the P2P or walking. Going with your suitemates or new friends would be a great bonding opportunity, allowing you to spend time together whether you want to get dinner at Top Of The Hill, or a quick frozen treat at the Yogurt Pump! 

Go To A Football Game (August to November) 

The games are a BLAST because the seats fill up, and the energy is unmatched! Even if you are not the biggest sports fan, it is fun to go with your friends and take in all the school spirit! All student tickets to athletic events are free, but you must enter the lottery for football games, which is very easy. One of my favorite aspects about the layout of Carolina's campus is that the residence halls are so close to Kenan Stadium, so football games are just a short hike away!  

Go To A Fever Event (All Year) 

Carolina Fever is the school spirit organization on campus, and its members lead chants during all of the games. Every semester, Carolina Fever will host certain home games as Fever events, in which you get points for attending, which helps your chances of getting a ticket in the UNC vs. Duke basketball lottery. There is also usually free food, which is a plus. Some of the sports that have Fever events are Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Women’s Basketball, Wrestling, and Volleyball. Even better, all the stadiums are just a walk away from your residence hall! I recommend that you go to as many as possible because you may discover a sport that you love to watch, for me, that was field hockey! 

Late Night at Chase (All Year) 

From 9 pm-12 am, Chase Dining Hall is open and serves a bunch of yummy food! It is an excellent place to go with friends when you need some study fuel or just a nice evening snack and what makes it so convenient is that this dining hall is super close to the South campus dorms. Some popular options are pizza, salad, omelet bar, ice cream, and sometimes tacos! 

Go To Franklin Street for Halloween (October) 

Halloween is a big thing in college; you are never too old to dress up! On a non-Covid year, the streets are blocked off, and everyone walks around and shows off their cute costume! It is also a lot of fun to ride the P2P and see everyone else riding in their costumes on the way to Franklin Street. 

Ramsgiving (November) 

All for the cost of one meal swipe, you can have a Friendsgiving with all of the amazing friends you’ve made thus far before you all go home for break! This event is hosted at Chase Dining Hall every year on the last Thursday before Thanksgiving Break, and it is one you have to go to at least once. The dining hall staff go all out in decorating for the event, and you can smell the pumpkin pie as soon as you walk in! I recommend getting there early (it opens at 5 PM) because the lines get long very quickly. 

Play In The Snow (Usually January or February

One of my favorite parts about moving back down to North Carolina after living in Wisconsin for 8 years is that it only snows about once or twice a year. Here in North Carolina, when there is even a warning of snow, the whole state usually shuts down, often meaning no class! If it did actually snow, it is the perfect time to bundle up and go to one the many stadiums close to first-year residence halls (Karen Shelton Stadium, Kenan Stadium, Dorrance Field, etc.) and have a big snowball fight with your friends or go sledding!    

Watch the UNC vs. Duke Basketball Game (February and March) 

The UNC Tar Heels are one of the most talked-about teams in the country, and with Northwestern transfer, Pete Nance joining the roster?? It is going to be a GOOD season, to say the least. One of the year's most exciting games is the UNC vs. Duke basketball game in Chapel Hill, which usually happens in February or March. This is the game where fans fill up all 22,000 seats in the Smith Center. Unfortunately, it is a challenging game to get student tickets to, but no worries! Many residence halls will host watch parties for this game and will do so for March Madness games as well! 

Rush Franklin Street (February-April) 

This is the moment when all the running in gym class comes to use. Every time we beat Duke in men's basketball or win a Final Four/National Championship, the tradition is for students to rush Franklin Street. You have probably seen pictures of this, but once the game is over, you drop what you are doing and SPRINT to Franklin Street. It is genuinely one of the highlights of the Carolina experience, as you celebrate the win with THOUSANDS of other Carolina students and end up singing the Alma Mater. 

Go To Holi Moli (April) 

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This Hindu tradition is the largest student-run event on campus! Also known as the festival of colors, this festival celebrates the arrival of Spring, and it is a must-see!  

Go To The Pit for LDOC (April) 

The Pit is always the center of student life on campus, and LDOC is no exception. With free food, merchandise, and blow up bouncy houses??? So much fun! 

While there is so much more I could add to the list, I wanted to stick to the highlights. Even if you do not do everything on the list, just know that if you come in with an open-mind and a willingness to grow and explore, you are going to have an amazing year! 

By Tamara Royster, Summer 2022 Marketing Intern

Although many students return home over the Summer, Chapel Hill continues to improve. I had the chance to live on campus during the Summer and have seen these changes firsthand. It can seem like a whole new world once you return, but I’m here to go over some of the biggest changes that took place while most students were at home. 

CVS Pharmacy on Franklin St. Closes 

The CVS Pharmacy at 137 E Franklin St closed on Thursday, June 16 but you don’t have to go too far for your CVS needs. The closest CVS can be found inside the Target at 143 W Franklin St. There is also the Student Stores Pharmacy and Campus Health Pharmacy available for anyone needing to pick up their prescriptions. 

Cook Out Coming to Chapel Hill (Finally!!!) 

No this is not a drill. A Cook Out will be opening at the space formerly occupied by the Burger King at 450 S Elliot Rd. It’s not too long of a drive from campus, so get ready for a shorter drive to get some delicious Cook Out trays. 

Laundry Room Upgrades 

All of the laundry rooms on campus now have new washers and dryers! They take less time to wash and dry your clothes and are more reliable than the previous machines. I have tried out the ones in Rams Village 1 and am absolutely in love with the new machines! I was so happy thinking about how I no longer have to worry about half-dried laundry! Don't forget to download the Laundry App - Washlava powered by 4thID so you know when your clothes have finished washing and drying! Laundry will be free for Fall 2022. Don't forget to download the Laundry App so you know when your clothes have finished washing and drying! That means you can save money to be used at other places such as… 

The Student Union Wendy’s is now a Bojangles 

Prepare those Plus Swipes. The Wendy’s in the Student Union will open in the Fall as a Bojangles. Although I will personally miss having easy access to Frosty’s, I am very excited to grab a Chicken Biscuit and Cajun Fries for dinner! 

I told you there were a lot of big changes. The closing of the CVS is definitely sad, but there was a lot of good news to balance it out. What are you most excited about? Personally, it’s been months since I’ve had a Cook Out tray so you will probably see me there the first week it opens!  

There are a lot of exciting things for both new and returning students to look forward to. It’s always interesting to see how Chapel Hill changes at the start of each semester. The one thing that never changes is the excitement as students return. As much as things may change the people who live and learn in Chapel Hill are what makes this town wonderful. 

By Samantha Thompson, Summer 2022 Marketing Intern

Curtains or no curtains?  Broom or vacuum? Shopping for your room can be full of stressful decisions, and while the Carolina Housing website is an excellent resource for both the essential and approved items, you may still have some lingering questions. I know I did! That’s why I’ve put together this guide of my favorite and most useful purchases to make sure you pack efficiently as you prepare for the fFall.   


Cleaning supplies are essential. But, it wasn’t until certain messes happened that I realized I didn’t have the right  equipment to clean my room. I recommend purchasing larger cleaning supplies like handheld vacuums (great for small clean-ups or hard-to-reach places) before moving in, then visiting local stores to buy smaller items like disinfectant wipes and sprays once you arrive on campus.  I invested in a VacMop – it made cleaning the floor faster and easier. 

Additional Suggestions   


With big items like bedding and refrigerators, you may forget the smaller items needed to set up your room. During move-in, I got all set up before noticing my desk lamp needed batteries to turn on.  And once I got the batteries, I had to figure out where to store them. Your room will have plenty of storage space, but things like ottomans, plastic storage drawers, or tiered carts ensure that everything has a place to go.   

Additional Suggestions: 


Your room will be your home away from home, so you want to fill it with the things that will make you feel comfortable. These items are much more personal and vary from person to person. I brought my scrapbook and my favorite books to feel at home.   

Customizing my room with string lights and a cozy rug really helped transform my space and make it more personalized. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) provides carpet rentals in different sizes and colors for students to choose from. Touches like these not only made me feel comfortable but made my room really feel like my own.   

Additional Suggestions:  


Bring the things that will make you comfortable and make your residence hall feel like your sanctuary—because it should be! If you realize there’s something you still need once you arrive in the fall, you can order items to your campus address or even visit some local stores around campus.  

Remember, UNC is a welcoming community! If you need something, don’t be afraid to ask your roommates or neighbors and enhancements are always available at your residence hall’s front desk. This is another great resource that saves you from purchasing things like vacuums, pots & pans, and games. Happy packing, and we’ll see you in the fall!   

By: Samantha Thompson, Marketing Intern Summer 2022

Figuring out which residence hall to choose for your first year at Carolina can be difficult. Each building and community hosts its own culture and offers different perks to suit every type of Carolina student. But which one will suit you? 


Cobb, Everett, Graham, McClinton, Lewis, & Stacy 

cobb hall

The North campus residence halls offer corridor-style living, meaning community bathrooms. The detached bathrooms may not be suitable for everyone, but these rooms have more space than suite-style residence halls. Housekeeping staff cleans the bathrooms Monday through Friday, so you can leave the plunger home. However, you are still responsible for bringing and taking your belongings. Shower caddies are a college essential, but in a North campus residence hall, they are the perfect tool to keep up with your belongings in the communal bathrooms.  

A major bonus for the North campus residence halls is their proximity to the heart of campus. The Pit, Lenoir Dining Hall, the Quad, and many of your classes will be short walks for you. It is important to note, however, that Lenoir Dining Hall closes at 6 PM, so North campus residents may have to become more accustomed to an earlier supper or walk to South campus to enjoy dinner at Chase Dining Hall, which remains open until midnight.  

While Cobb was renovated in 2005, the other buildings are older than South campus residence halls. Stacy, Lewis, and Everett do not have elevators (each only has three floors), and some buildings share amenities with others (for example, McClinton shares laundry with Stacy). But this makes the Olde Lower Quad Community its own unique Carolina family, and each year, they celebrate this at The Olde Dirty Bash! 

Single, double, and triple options are available in the North campus residence halls, which means you'll only have one to two other roommates. But making friends may be easier in corridor-style living spaces because of the communal environment. However, these residence halls are known for being a bit more quiet than South campus residence halls. This may mean adjusting to less lively environments.  

For students who prefer a shorter commute to classes and believe the communal environment will be best for their sociable personalities, or even those that may want to come out of their shells, North campus is recommended. These residence halls are quieter and smaller, which should be considered while determining which building suits you best. They are all indoor buildings, so you won't have balconies like the high-rise South campus dorms, but there are plenty of outdoor seating areas to enjoy the sun! 


Craige, Eringhaus, Hinton-James, Koury, Horton, Craige North 

The South campus residence halls offer suite-style living spaces. While the South campus residence halls are all suite-style, the slight variations in their orientation create completely distinct living experiences.  


Craige, E-Haus, and HoJo are the high-rise residence halls. From 630 students in Craige to over 900 in HoJo, the high-rise halls have a much larger capacity than other first-year residence halls. Because of their size, these buildings are known to be a bit more lively. Up to 8 students will share a suite, and bathrooms in these buildings are cleaned each week-day by housekeeping services.  

Craige may host watch parties for basketball games, HoJo is known for a food truck night, and E-Haus has a beach-themed party in the spring. Spending time with friends after class over a volleyball game is a tradition in the high-rises. But, if sports aren't your thing, sitting outside on the balcony while the sun sets is another perfect way to end a long day of classes.  


Horton and Koury are smaller than the other South campus residence halls, hosting less than 300 students each. These halls have single and double room options, similar to the high-rises; however, unlike the other South campus residence halls, the low-rises have a maximum of four students per suite. These are large two bedroom suites with a Jack-and-Jill style bathroom, Horton and Koury offer one of the most private first-year living styles. Because bathrooms can only be accessed directly through the room, students are responsible for maintaining them, and housekeeping services will not be available.

Horton and Koury are the most similar to North campus. They’re indoor, quiet, and experience significantly less traffic than the high-rise residence halls. They have the appeal of Cobb and the Old Lower Quad Community Residence Halls in terms of culture but, offer the suite-style living experience, which is more comfortable for some students.   

South campus is your go for students who don't mind a longer walk or even a bus commute to class! In these residence halls, you'll find the more private suite-style arrangements do not hinder finding new friends! These dorms are known to be a little more lively with all the traffic that comes with up to 900 students per hall. However, each hall has ample study space and peaceful outdoor seating areas to spare you a fifteen-minute walk to the library when it's time to study. The walk to Kenan Stadium is shorter, and during basketball season, South campus students will be the first to their seats at Dean Dome. All of these things and more make South campus the perfect place for students who may enjoy a more active environment, more private living styles, and do not mind a longer commute class.  

So...North or South? 

No matter where you'll be living on campus, you'll have friendly communities to thrive in, amenities to suit your every need, and unique and fun experiences to share with your newfound friends! So don't be nervous! Whether you’re soaking up some sun in the McClinton Breezeway or on a hammock outside of Ehaus, each residence hall will provide everything you need to make your adjustment smooth and make your year special! 

As the semester comes to an end, there is a lot of stress to do well on your final exams and finish the semester out strong. However, you also have to start preparing to move out of your residence halls. This can be a very stressful and time consuming process that you may put off until after your exams. Fortunately, I have moved out of residence hall’s multiple times and I have some helpful tips for moving out. 

1. Take Things Home Early  

One great way to make move-out easier is to take some items home on weekends if you can. If you haven’t taken winter clothes, now would be a great time to do that because the weather is getting warmer. Additionally, if you just have boxes of miscellaneous items, such as clothes, bedding, books, etc., you can take those home too before move out. Taking this stuff home will mean it's easier to pack when it is time to move out, along with helping to fit everything in one car, and make it easier for cleaning your room to move out. 

2. Figure Out How You Want to Check Out 

When moving out, you will have to return your keys and there is the possibility you may want someone to check behind you and make sure your room looks good. Luckily, Carolina Housing has two different options for you to choose from when moving out. The first option is In-Person Checkout which will mean a staff member will come check your room and take your key. This may be useful if you are scared you will forget to do something and can relieve some anxiety around moving out. In-Person checkout is offered Thursday, April 28 – Friday, May 6 from 9am to 8pm and Saturday, May 7 from 9am to 12pm. The second option is Express Checkout. If it comes time to move out and you have done everything and want to move out fast, this option is for you. All you need to do is grab your keys and put them in an envelope which will be provided at your community office. Then you just have to sign the envelope and put it in the correct box. Both of these are great options and you just have to choose which one works better for you. 

3. Clean Out Your Stuff Before Move Out 

One big factor in moving out is cleaning everything. Your room must be cleaned before you leave. However, some people forget to clean out some things. Make sure you remember to clean out all desks, dressers, closets, and other cabinets. Some other common things people may forget to clean out can be things like a mini-fridge ( if they are rentals), bathrooms, overhead storage cabinets, or a common area in your suite. It is crucial that you clean everything out of you could get a $75 improper check out fee. 

4. Pack Everything You Don't Need Before Finals 

The stress of finals can be overwhelming to some people and that may make them push off packing and preparing for move out. Pushing that off could provide much more stress when  you finally do get past your finals. One great way to avoid all that stress is to pack up what you don't need before finals start. This would mean that you have less to pack after finals and you can recover from them without losing your mind trying to move out. 

5. Follow the Sheet Provided 

Finally, use the sheet your RA will provide you to help yourself when moving out. No one wants to get the $75 Improper check out fee and Carolina Housing provides this list to make sure you don't. My best advice is to split this up between you and your roommate. Splitting it up will make the sheet feel shorter and allow some stress to be off your back! 

Image of the Prior to checking out of your room sheet placed on your door.

6. Change Your Address Before Moving Off Campus 

Once you move off campus, any mail you send to your old address cannot be processed. It is important to change your mailing address on all your accounts so you can receive the items you have shipped to you. This includes shopping sites, bank statements, and tell any family members about your address change. Visit our Mail Forwarding website for more details!

By Ann Cui – Carolina Housing Marketing Intern 2021-2022 

As a freshman, I applied for the BLUE Residential Learning Program (RLP), which  provides space and opportunity for innovation, creation, and collaboration within a living community through a partnership between BeAM, Carolina Housing, and the Entrepreneurship Center for the Kenan-Flagler School of Business. While living in Carmichael, I made a lot of friends, and appreciated the help of my RA. Now, allow me  to share the top three things I love about living on campus with you! 

1. There are so many fun activities held at Carmichael. 

Carolina Housing will hold events  throughout the year, encouraging residents to join and have fun. During my freshman year, two events I enjoyed the most were the Pumpkin Painting at Halloween and the Tie Dye event. My friends and I had a good time!  

2. There are multiple resources you can use living on campus. 

At Carmichael, there are plenty of activity rooms that residents can reserve and use for their own purpose. For example, sometimes I reserve a room to hold an event for my organization, and sometimes my friends and I prepare for our final exams in it. There are other resources at Carmichael, too. It is the only  residence hall that has a Makerspace in it. As a member of BLUE RLP, we had a lot of workshops related to business innovation at the Makerspace. All the equipment there, such as the 3D printers,  are also free for all the students to use, even if you don’t live in Carmichael 

3. The location of my residence hall is excellent! 

I am majoring in Media and Journalism (MEJO) and Information and Library Science (INLS), so most of my classes are on north campus. The location of Carmichael is at the center of the campus, and I can walk everywhere. It takes me 10 minutes to walk to the undergraduate library and around 15 minutes to my classrooms. 

My first-year on campus connected me with an amazing community!

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