Advertising Policies

Advertising Policies

If you are interested in reaching the residents of campus housing at UNC-Chapel Hill with marketing, publicity or public service announcements, please be advised of the following regulations:

Photo Release Policy

The University of North Carolina is a public university and often uses photographic images of public campus life, events, ceremonies and other activities to advance the mission of the institution. By visiting, registering at, or being employed by The University of North Carolina and being present in public settings, you authorize the use and reproduction by the university, or anyone authorized by the university, to any photographs taken while at The University of North Carolina, without compensation. All photo files are university property, solely and completely.

Use of Carolina Housing Photographs

All photographs taken with the consent of Carolina Housing are property of The University of North Carolina and are available for non-commercial use by university students, faculty, and staff, and with prior approval, off-campus media outlets and publications may use them as well. Images should be credited as “UNC – DHRE" in all print and electronic publications.


  • Only University departments and recognized organizations in good standing are permitted to submit flyers/posters for distribution in the residential communities.
  • Outside agencies or companies are prohibited from posting flyers/posters within the residential communities.
  • Even if your organization is University-related, you are not permitted to post flyers directly in residential communities without going through the approval process. Any flyer/poster not displaying the official Carolina Housing approval stamp will be removed immediately. 
  • See our Flyer Distribution in the Halls page for more information

Direct Mail to Campus Residents

  • Mailbox stuffing is prohibited on campus. In order to reach residents via direct mail, all mail pieces must be metered or affixed with postage and properly addressed for delivery through the US Postal Service. 
  • Carolina Housing does not provide mailing labels or student campus addresses to any solicitors.


  • As outlined in the Community Living Standards, only recognized student groups are permitted to canvass, sell, solicit or promote the sale of goods or services in the residence halls.
  • Recognized student groups must meet the University's Facilities Use Policy located on the Campus Policies and Procedures website and receive the prior written approval of the Executive Director of Carolina Housing.

Student Government Elections

Campaigning for campus student leadership positions must meet regulations set forth by the Elections Board of Student Government.

Email Listservs

  • Carolina Housing maintains an email distribution list for each residence hall on campus, and we diligently protect our email lists from promotional messaging and advertising.
  • We will not provide our residents’ email addresses to another organization.
  • With the approval of an Assistant Director from Carolina Housing, we will occasionally forward email messages to residents from the Department of Public Safety, the Residence Hall Association or other campus offices issuing critical information we deem relevant to campus residents, but generally speaking, we will not send emails on behalf of another organization.

Advertising on This Website

We currently do not accept banner ads or digital advertisements for our website.

Digital Displays in Residence Halls

Carolina Housing manages the advertising space on the 14 digital displays in residence hall lobbies.  

  • Outside agencies, companies, or organizations will not be approved for advertising on the digital displays.
  • Only official UNC departments and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) are permitted to submit advertisements for airing on digital displays free of charge, however, we cannot guarantee a spot. Advertising on our digital signs has become a very popular method of reaching students, and as such, we typically receive more requests per month than our digital signs can hold. Spots will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis, and only one per department or organization is allowed to run at any time.  
  • Carolina Housing reserves the right to deny publication of any content deemed inappropriate or incongruent with our mission.

How To Submit a Digital Sign Request Form:

There is a minimum 2 weeks in advance notice from the anticipated START/AIR DATE.  Instructions and access to the request form will be emailed to you directly after you send an email with a description of your digital sign to:

Mariam Azzam

Assistant Director of Marketing - Carolina Housing



Channel 99 Campus Cable TV Guide

Carolina Housing manages the digital advertising space above the Campus Cable TV Channel 99 Programming Guide.

  • Outside agencies and companies will not be approved for digital advertising on Channel 99.
  • University departments and organizations are permitted to submit digital advertisements for airing on Channel 99 free of charge.
  • Carolina Housing reserves the right to deny publication of any content deemed inappropriate or incongruent with our mission.
  • UNC Student TV manages programming and PSA’s on Chanel 33 (Channel 3 in Chapel Hill).
  • To prepare a digital ad for submission:
    • Carolina Housing does not provide graphic design or file preparation assistance. Student organizations may contact the Carolina Union Marketing & Design Services Department for assistance with ad creation. Design fees may apply.
    • Ads must be sized 1024 x 320 pixels at 72 dpi.
    • Ads must be submitted in .jpg or .png format.
    • Please indicate both the “Begin Air Date” and “End Air Date” for your submission.
    • Submit your ready-to-air digital files to our Google Form.


Bulletin Boards in Campus Residential Communities

  • Bulletin boards in lobbies, hallways, elevators, common spaces, laundry rooms, etc. of the residential communities are each independently managed by the Resident Advisors of that community.
  • Residents may contact their RA to express interest in collaborating with him/her to decorate their hall/wing’s next bulletin board.
  • At this time, we do not have a procedure in place for distributing bulletin board kits or implementing uniform bulletin board content across campus.