Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing

While UNC does not find or place students in off-campus housing units, our goal is to provide relevant information necessary for students to successfully find area living options. 

Please be advised that Carolina Housing does not endorse one rental company over another, nor do we inspect off-campus properties. For your safety, we encourage you to use caution and good judgment when responding to or viewing any rental properties. When possible, it is best for you to visit any property you are considering and to take your lease to Carolina Student Legal Services to have them look it over with you prior to signing.


To learn about resources for students at UNC who live off-campus, please visit the UNC Off Campus Student Life website. The University encourages students to live on campus for at least two years to maximize their college experience. However, when the time comes that you find yourself ready to move off campus, this website provides information on how to best search for housing options, and factors to consider including location, residential type, costs, lease length, roommates, amenities, and accessibility. If you have questions about any lease terms or other legal questions, you should consider utilizing Carolina Student Legal Services as a resource.

Apartment Finding Sites

UNC now provides an off-campus search tool that is managed by UNC Off Campus Student Life and lists residences for rent around the Chapel Hill area. When you decide to move off campus, please utilize this valuable resource to research your housing options.