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Carolina Housing

Office Assistant

Office Assistant Position Description

Office Assistants (OAs) work to create an inclusive on-campus housing environment that promotes personal development, citizenship, involvement, and leadership through the practice of Community Immersion. OAs serve as a resource for students in their community and as a role model at UNC Chapel Hill. OAs are assigned to traditional residence halls, suite style complexes, or apartment buildings and are supervised by the Community Director (CD) and the Community Manager (CM).

Hours of work vary based on the need of the department and community (ex: Halloween, popular sporting events, inclement weather, training, opening, closing, staff selection, unforeseen circumstances, etc.) and includes some evenings and weekends. After providing a schedule of availability, a supervisor will determine the specific work schedule. All leave time must be approved by their supervisor. OAs are required to attend all training activities while employed. OAs are expected to work all residence hall openings and closings, including Fall semester, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Semester, Spring Break and Spring Semester/Commencement closing.

This job description is meant to provide an outline of critical job functions of the OA position and is not an all-inclusive list. Through the course of the year there will be times where staff will be called to service based on the needs of the community that may not be outlined in a job description. OAs agree to meet and abide by the standards described in this document; the OA Letter of Appointment; the Student Staff Ethical Principles; the Community Living Standards; the Housing Contract; the expectations communicated by DHRE during trainings and by their supervisor; University policies; and State and Federal Laws.

Essential Functions

  • Administration
    • Prepare and participate in all meetings and trainings (ex: OA meetings, training, 1:1 meetings with CM and/or CD, etc.)
    • Demonstrate proficiency and understanding of office procedures
    • Demonstrate proficiency, understanding, and appropriate use of the keys system (ex: ethics, security, inventory, key cards, audits, check in/out procedures, etc.)
    • Demonstrate proficiency, understanding, and use of DHRE systems such as StarRez and FixMyRoom
    • Demonstrate proficiency of mail distribution and handling of misdirected mail
    • Demonstrate responsibility and professionalism when carrying out duties (ex: locking key box, closing office and posting signs when office is closed)
    • Demonstrate proficiency and responsibility when checking in/out enhancement items to residents
    • Time management (ex: attendance/timeliness for meetings, trainings, desk shifts, etc.)
    • Report and respond immediately to facility and safety/security needs when necessary
    • Task/Project Management
    • Proficient use, and maintenance of relevant office equipment (i.e. copier, phone, computer)
    • Complete necessary inventories (ex: no show report, keys, enhancements, opening and closing inventories, etc.)
    • Maintain and reads office log
    • Turn in paperwork by the given deadline
  • Communication
    • Excel in verbal and written communication
    • Demonstrate appropriate use of technology (i.e. social networking, texting)
    • Educate residents on facility and enhancement policies and procedures
  • Departmental Initiatives & Vision
    • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity.
  • Serve as a positive role model for residents and fellow staff members.
    • Display a positive attitude about the OA position, the Department of Housing & Residential Education and the university
    • Maintain security and ethical use of all passwords, codes, and student information
    • Preserve the confidentiality of personal information about students and staff obtained in the course of employment. (ex: rosters, key cards, student photos and information in StarRez, etc.)
  • Desk Duties & Customer Service
    • Schedule appointments and accurate use of calendars
    • Maintain approachability to residents
    • Demonstrate initiative (ex: self-starter, actively look for solutions)
    • Maintain and facilitate positive relationships with RAs, OAs, LT, residents, and Housing Support
    • Maintain a positive and team oriented attitude towards the community, staff, and department
    • Clean and organize office during shift to maintain a professional office area
    • Treat students and staff with courtesy and respect
    • Answer telephone appropriately
    • Follow up on items that are returned late to desk (i.e. keys, enhancements)
    • Service CCI Printer as needed
    • Respond to all questions, inquiries, and comments efficiently and effectively
    • Make appropriate referrals
    • Serve as a Mandated Reporter during work hours (obligated to report all violations of the Community Living Standards, State and Federal law, as well as cases of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, and sexual harassment to supervisor)


  • Students applying to this position must meet the following qualifications starting at time the employment application closes, during the applicant’s candidacy and throughout the tenure of employment. All employees/applicants must:
    • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher at the time of appointment and throughout employment and be in good conduct standing with Carolina Housing (i.e. not having an active sanction of housing contract probation or higher; not having an overdue sanction).
    • Maintain good financial standing with the University and with Carolina Housing.
    • Notify their direct supervisor in writing, regardless of intent to appeal, upon receiving a referral for a University violation (i.e. Honor Code, Alcohol Policy, the Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct), conviction of a crime, or responsible finding for violating any University policy. Carolina Housing has the right to take employment action, up to and including termination, based on this information.
  • Students applying to this position must meet the following qualifications starting on the first day of employment throughout the tenure of employment. Employees must:
    • Maintain enrollment as full-time students and cannot be employed on a permanent, full-time basis anywhere, and must not otherwise occupy a classified employment position with the University. Student staff are “at will” employees, are not eligible for layoff priority employment or severance pay, and may be terminated at any time without additional compensation. A lapse in student status occurs during breaks (winter and summer) when an employee is not enrolled in courses. This lapse does not affect employment eligibility, though it will subject the employee to FICA tax deductions.
  • Each OA should strive to maintain a balance not only with the role but with their personal and academic lives. OAs are encouraged to take part in their own development to ensure they are getting the most from the experience. OAs can work up to 25 hours per week and should not exceed 30 hours per week at any time. These work hours include any employment outside of the department within the University.
    • Have access to a mobile phone or private land line that has an activated voice mailbox while employed, and will provide their direct supervisor with a number to this phone.


The information below is the historical compensation for this position. Given potential legislative and other changes under consideration, this is subject to change and will be finalized before formal offers of employment are made.

Carolina Housing provides Office Assistants (OAs) a compensation package that includes:

  • An hourly wage of $8.00 an hour paid on a biweekly schedule based on the number of hours worked captured in the Time Information Management (TIM) system. TIM training should be completed at the beginning of employment and hours worked should be recorded in the system each work day.

* The department of Housing and Residential Education encourages applicants and employees to consider if this compensation package will affect their financial aid package. Please contact Scholarships and Student Aid, 962-4170 for information on eligibility for aid and employment.

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