Summer Orientation Advisor (SOA)

Summer Orientation Advisor (SOA)

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Student Positions - Summer

The Summer Orientation Advisor (SOA) position is employed by Carolina Housing. The SOA is the front line customer service representatives of the University to Orientation students and guests staying in campus housing. SOAs are assigned to an on-campus living area in a residence hall.

The SOA works under the direction of a team of Community Directors. The SOA assists with group check-ins and check-outs, works customer service shifts at the community office, assists with linen distribution and retrieval, and helps ensure that the facilities are in good order. The SOA is also on-call for Orientation students and their guests regarding residence hall concerns.

Hours Worked

SOA agrees to live “in residence” and work a minimum of 20-30 hours per week but will be available for up to 40 hours/week. Hours worked can occur anytime between 6:00am-10:00pm with assigned on call-duty rotations in the evenings. Weekend and evening hours do occur and SOAs will need to be available when the need arises.

Enrollment in up to four (4) credit hours each summer school session is permitted. Outside commitments must have the written approval of the supervising Community Directors.


  • A $2,100 stipend will be distributed through the summer and paid on the last business day of the month. The final payment for the SOA position is determined by the actual days worked during the last month in the position.
  • A double occupancy with roommate, air-conditioned room at no cost.

Carolina Housing encourages applicants and employees to consider if this compensation package will affect their financial aid package. Please contact Scholarships and Student Aid at 962-4170 for information on eligibility for aid and employment.


  • Be a current or former student staff member with Carolina Housing. Limited training for this role is provided so experience is REQUIRED. No exceptions will be made.
  • Be enrolled as a full time student in the Fall of 2019. You do not have to be enrolled in a specific number of classes, nor are you required to be returning to work for Carolina Housing for 2019-2020.
  • Students employed by Carolina Housing must not be employed on a permanent, full-time basis anywhere, and must not otherwise occupy a classified employment position with the University. Student staff are “at will” employees, are not eligible for layoff priority employment or severance pay, and may be terminated at any time without additional compensation. A lapse in student status occurs during breaks (winter and summer) when an employee is not enrolled in courses. This lapse does not affect employment eligibility, though it will subject the employee to FICA tax deductions.
  • All employees must maintain good financial, disciplinary, and academic standings with the University.
  • All employees must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher at the time of appointment and throughout employment, be in good disciplinary standings with Carolina Housing, and complete the required background check to University satisfaction. Good disciplinary standing with Carolina Housing means having neither an active sanction of housing conduct probation or higher with the department. This appointment may be rescinded if a criminal background check discloses information tha affects this hiring decision.
  • SOAs must maintain appropriate balance while in this position and can expect to work 35-40 hours per week.


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General Timeline

Application opens: March 
Interviews: There will not be a formal face to face interview. Hiring managers will select candidates from the paper application. It will be important to submit your best text.  
Offers extended: Mid-April
Start date: Late May
End date: Late July

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