Summer Assistant (SA)

Summer Assistant (SA)

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Student Positions - Summer

Student Assistants are live-on staff working at the front desks in the residence halls with guests over the summer. They serve as the front line for customer service. The SA assists with summer group check-ins, check-outs, key distribution and retrieval, assists with room checks, work customer service shifts at multiple community office throughout campus, and helps ensure that our guests have a positive experience. They will interact with guests from the age of 8-80 years old. Summer Groups may be on campus anywhere from a few days to a few months. These groups are on campus for an academic program, athletic camp or adult conference need.  This position does not supervise these groups

Hours Worked

SA agrees to live “in residence” and work a minimum of 15 hours per week but will be available for up to 40 hours/week. Hours worked throughout summer average out to approximately 20 hours/week. Majority of hours worked will be between 9:00am and 10:00pm seven days a week. Due to the nature of conference work, there is not a guaranteed number of hours per week.

Enrollment in up to four (4) credit hours each summer school session is permitted. Outside commitments must be approved by the supervising Coordinator for Conference Operations, and you must have the written approval of the Coordinator for Conference Operations.


  • $8.00 per hour
  • Single occupancy room on campus in a shared Ram Village apartment at no cost


  • The successful staff member will have a passion for working with a diverse population, possesses strong critical thinking and problem solving skills, demonstrates initiative, communicates effectively, has a positive attitude, and an ability to manage structured autonomy. Strong administrative skills are utilized in this position.
  • The SA agrees to attend all aspects of summer staff training.
  • The SA will be in good financial and disciplinary standing with the University. Good disciplinary standing is defined as not having an active sanction of contract probation or higher with Carolina Housing as well as having no active conduct record with the Dean of Students’ Office.
  • Summer Assistants need not have worked for Carolina Housing in any capacity prior to this summer position,  however, summer conference experience is preferred. 


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General Timeline

Application opens: February 
Interviews: March 
Offers extended: April
Start date: mid-May
End date: early August

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