Residential Learning Program RA

Residential Learning Program RA

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Student Positions - Academic Year

As the Resident Advisor, your primary responsibility and role is shared oversight of the operation of your Residential Learning Program with the Community Director (CD). Student coordinators have the unique opportunity to develop learning outcomes and meaningful programs in support of the Residential Learning Program mission and goals.

Position Description


  • Serve on the advisory council.
  • Preside over hall meetings and develop an agenda for each meeting.
  • Create/maintain an operations binder (electronic and/or paper). The binder should include flyers, community plan, organizational structure, budgets, correspondence, photos, and other supporting materials.
  • Complete an End of the Year report to be passed on to the next Coordinator.
  • In coordination with the Community Director, oversee funds allocations.
  • Attend weekly or bi-weekly meetings with your CD.
  • Attend once-a-month development sessions.


  • Co-coordinate recruitment and selection of new and returning members.
  • Co-coordinate room assignments for new members.
  • Assist with the new student coordinator selection process.
  • Co-coordinate a Residential Learning Program Open House to be hosted for all campus.

Program Development

  • Collaborate with the Community Director to develop learning outcomes and meaningful programs based on the learning community focus.
  • Review the mission and goals to make sure the community is successful in reaching these.
  • Lead programming efforts in the learning community.
  • Plan and implement community programs and activities.
  • Coordinate and advise in-community programming committees and student mentors.
  • Assist with developing and implementing community assessments.
  • Provide service opportunities relevant to community.

Other Student Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Be a role model in the community.
  • Student coordinators monitor program participation and work with the Community Director to address members falling below the minimum level of participation.
  • Actively participate and support community programs and activities.
  • Represent the learning community across campus.
  • Participate in learning community student coordinator orientation, training, and centralized meetings.
  • Work cooperatively with residence hall student staff; including Resident Advisors, Community Managers, Office Assistants, Resident Advisor Mentors, Community Government and other Student Coordinators of programs housed within the same community.
  • New Student Coordinators will be required to move in the first day of student training.


  • $300 per semester on UNC One Card Flex Account.  This is taxable compensation.
  • A single or double furnished room, depending on the RLP community and room availability, at a reduced rate per semester.

How to Apply

  • Visit
  • Create a user profile
  • Select “Job Postings” from list at left
  • Select “Student Coordinator”
  • Complete and submit the application

General Timeline

  • Application opens: January
  • Interviews: March
  • Start date: April

Specific up-to-date deadlines.


If you have any questions, please contact Stacey Parker