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Student Positions - Academic Year

Community Managers (CMs) work to create an inclusive on-campus housing environment that promotes personal development, citizenship, involvement, and leadership through the practice of Community Immersion. CMs serve as a resource for RA and OA staff and students in their community as well as a role model at UNC Chapel Hill. CMs are assigned to traditional residence halls, suite style complexes, or apartment buildings and may be asked to hold a collateral assignment. CMs are supervised by a Community Director (CD)

CMs serve as a leader in the department as a whole and in their specific community. In doing so, CMs will serve as a role model to mentor and supervise OA and RA staff members in their roles by helping them to develop positive residential communities. This includes but is not limited to: form appropriate resident relationships, train staff on desk procedures, management of receipts and budgets, help to actualize the spirit of Community Immersion, facilitate opening and closing procedures, and support crisis management efforts. CMs actively work with the Leadership Team to develop a positive team dynamic among their OA and RA staff. This may include but is not limited to: facilitation of trainings and workshops, assistance in leading weekly staff meetings, meet with staff members on individual basis as needed, and fostering a positive attitude regarding Carolina Housing and community initiatives.

The CM role is not a traditional 8-5/M-F job. Actual hours of work vary based on the need of the department (ex: Halloween, popular sporting events, inclement weather, training, opening, closing, staff selection, end of year award ceremony, unforeseen circumstances, etc.) and includes some evenings and weekends. CMs are required to attend all training activities while employed. All leave time must be approved by their supervisor.  CMs are expected to assist Community Director in facilitation of all residence hall openings and closings, including Fall semester, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Semester, Spring Break and Spring Semester/Commencement closing. 


  • CMs must have one year experience employed by Carolina Housing as either an OA, RA, or RAM.
  • CM applicants must have support from your current, or most recent Community Director Supervisor, to return to your current position during your 2018/2019 Fall Evaluation. Please inform your supervisor that you are applying for an LT position so you can begin a conversation about your application and CD support before the application closes. 
  • CM applicants should list their current or most recent Community Director Supervisor as a reference in their application. 
  • Students employed by Carolina Housing must be enrolled as full-time students, will not be employed on a permanent full-time basis, and will not occupy a classified position. Student staff is “at will” and not eligible for layoff priority employment or severance pay and may be terminated at any time without additional compensation. A lapse in student status occurs during breaks (winter and summer) when an employee is not enrolled in courses. A lapse resulting from course scheduling does not affect employment eligibility, though it will subject the employee to FICA tax deductions.
  • All employees must maintain good financial, disciplinary, and academic standings with the University.
  • All employees must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher at the time of appointment and throughout employment, be in good disciplinary standings with DHRE, and may be required to complete a required background check to University satisfaction. Good disciplinary standing with Carolina Housing means having neither an active sanction of judicial probation or higher with the department. This appointment may be rescinded if a criminal background check discloses information that affects this hiring decision.
  • CMs must maintain appropriate balance while in this position, meaning no more than 40 hours of involvement per week (including 20 hours for the CM position, academic credit hours, and other campus involvement). CMs may take no more than 18 credit hours per semester. CMs may not hold a second part-time job or unpaid opportunity (internship, assistantship, student teaching, etc) without written approval from both their supervisor and Assistant Director.  CMs will review outside commitments with their CD and determine if written request & approval is needed. CMs are encouraged to take part in their own development to ensure they are getting the most from the experience.
  • CMs must report to campus on July 28, 2019. CMs must be present for training and opening July 29, 2019 - August 19, 2019. If you are a graduate student, be sure to check your academic calendar to ensure that you will be available for training and opening. These dates are mandatory.


Carolina Housing provides Community Managers (CM) a compensation package that includes:

  • A stipend payment of $8,000 per academic year that will be divided into 10 equal payments and paid out monthly on the last business day of the month (except December). The stipend is prorated and the number of payments decreases if hire date is after August 1.
  • $200 per semester is transferred to the CM’s UNC OneCard meal flex account. This is taxable compensation. The amount is prorated if hired after the first day of classes or if employment ends before the last day of classes. If employment is discontinued early, the portion of meal plan money associated with days not worked is recovered by Housing and is not taxable compensation.
  • A single furnished room at a discounted rate not to exceed $710 per semester, unless housing shortages requires the assignment of a roommate.

* Carolina Housing encourages applicants and employees to consider if this compensation package will affect their financial aid package. Please contact Scholarships and Student Aid, 962-4170 for information on eligibility for aid and employment.

Selection Process

  • Conversation with CD during Fall evaluation
  • Complete application at, December 18, 2018 - January 18, 2019
  • Interviews offered to selected candidates

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