Flyer Distribution in the Halls

Flyer Distribution in the Halls

3/13/2020 - Flyer distribution to our Residence Halls is currently suspended until further notice.

Flyer Posting Guidelines

  • All flyers must be approved by Carolina Housing before they are posted in any residence hall. The guidelines and prior approval process pertain to bulletin board and other University-controlled spaces in the residence halls.
  • Flyers or other materials may not be posted within the communities except by Carolina Housing staff members.
  • Only recognized groups and organizations in good standing are permitted to post flyers or other materials within the residential communities. University departments and offices are also permitted to post flyers or other materials in the residence halls.
  • Outside agencies or companies may not submit materials for posting in the residence halls.
  • No items may be hung or displayed outside of a window or anywhere in a building or its adjacent structures (porch, rails, etc.).
  • Flyers or other posted material may not contain obscenity, advertise, or endorse conduct or events that would constitute violations of the Instrument of Student Judicial Governance (, Carolina Housing policies, University policies, and/or federal or state law.
  • Due to limited space, flyers or other material to be posted may not exceed 11” x 17”.
  • All flyers or other materials should be submitted for approval within (5) business days of the date on which posting is sought.
  • Any item posted in violation of these guidelines may be removed.

Flyer Approval Procedures

  • Bring your flyer to Carolina Housing office, Avery Hall, Suite 09 (located on the lower level). See table below for quantities of flyers you will need to supply.
  • Sign in at the front desk of Avery. The sign-in notebook is labeled “Flyer Posting sign-ins”.
  • Provide the on-site representative from Carolina Housing with a copy of your flyer for initial approval. The on-site representative will approve your flyer so long as it meets the guidelines provided above.  This copy will be kept on file.
  • There are two options for completing the flyer approval process:
    • Follow the guidelines stated above during the creation of the flyer. Bring all flyers to Avery to be approved. Once approved, use the designated “DHRE” stamp (found near the sign-in notebook) to individually stamp each flyer in the lower, right-hand corner. If you are unable to locate the stamp, please consult with a Carolina Housing Representative.
    • Bring one copy of the flyer to Avery to be approved and stamped. After approval is granted, make all desired copies (please note that Carolina Housing will not make the copies), and then bring the flyers back to Avery for distribution. If original signs are found to be altered after stamped approval has been provided, posting privileges for the office, organization or individual will be revoked for the remainder of the academic year.
  • Count and sort the flyers by community, as noted below, and give them to the on-site representative for posting.

Quantities of Flyers Needed:

 Baity Hill and Mason Farm 9
 Carmichael 10
 Cobb 10
 Connor 15
 Craige 6
 Craige North 5
 Carolina Housing Records 1
 Ehringhaus 8
 Granville Towers 23
 Hinton James 10
 Horton 8
 Kenan 15
 Koury 7
 Morrison 9
 Olde Campus Lower Quad 15
 Olde Campus Upper Quad 22
 Parker 10
 Ram Village HJ-side (Taylor Hall, RV5) 6
 Ram Village Craige-side (1,2,3) 6