Zoom to the Drive-in

Program Proposal

What makes the NCHO RA Drive-In so great is the programs put on by you! This year we are putting out a call for program proposals and if selected you will present your program at the conference. 

Programs should be interactive, engaging and designed to be presented to a diverse group of RAs from different types of institutions across the state. Programs will be over zoom and will need to fill a 50 minute time slot. Presenters will also need to provide an outline and a description of the program that the 2021 Drive-In Programming committee will review and provide feedback for to ensure all presenters are set up for success. For an example of what a good program looks like please click here. 

Program Categories

All programs should fall under one of the following categories which are described below. 

Events Programs and Student Engagement:What are some programs going on at your institution that have been successful, engaging, fun, educational, etc.! In this session we want you to share your program with the state in an interactive way providing ways that others can scale your program to fit their campus. For this category it is helpful to also share budget and ways that the program can be done with different size budgets.

Student Staff Professional Development: In this category we want to see submissions that focus on the professional development of the student staff. This can include topics of, resume building, personality assessments, applying the job to other fields, great team builders, etc.

Personal Wellness:For this program category we want the focus to be on personal wellness in the student staff role. This session can be about topics like time management, de-stress activities, initiatives done on your campus to support RAs, fun ways to shake things up in the role, etc.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion: Programs submitted under this category should be related to issues of diversity equity and inclusion in the residence halls and in the role of a student staff member. This could be a program that focuses on how to make flyers and emails more inclusive and ADA compliant, programs that show how to facilitate social justice conversations with residents, or staff meeting activities that encourage talk and discussion on identity.

Professional Staff Presentation: For professional staff we are asking that all programs are submitted here and they can be about any of the above topics or anything else that would be beneficial for student staff. These programs will be featured in a separate track and will be focused on RA growth and development.

We are super excited to read all the program proposals which can be submitted using the link below. All program proposals are due Wednesday October 20th  and accepted programs will hear back by Monday October 25th. For any questions about programming or support in coming up with a presentation please email the Programming Committee Chair. joshua_ingebretson@unc.edu.