Zoom to the Drive-in

2021 NCHO RA Drive-In

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is proud to present the first virtual NCHO RA-Drive In conference. It has been 32-years since UNC-Chapel Hill hosted the first NCHO Drive-In in 1989. This year's conference theme was inspired by the collective experience we have all had over the past year and a half. The world stood still in March 2020 as we all shifted to our virtual lives. Through some trial and error we all transitioned to experiencing our lives through jumping on our computers and logging into Zoom. 

Even though we will not be in-person for this year's RA Drive-In, we are excited to engage with all delegates through a 2-day virtual conference. The conference will be held on Friday November 12th through Saturday, November 13th. During this time student and professional staff alike will be able to engage in a wide variety of ways with peers across the great state of North Carolina. Additionally, the 2021 RA Drive-In will be 100% free for all institutions and delegates. As we continue to prepare for this conference future updates will be shared via this website and through an email listserv. 

This year's conference is Co-Chaired by Patrick Preudhomme and Joshua Ingebretson. Patrick is the Assistant Director for Student Learning Initiatives with Carolina Housing and Joshua (Josh) Ingebretson is a Community Director with Carolina Housing. Both are easily accessible and able to assist with any institution or individual delegate questions regarding the conference. Please feel free to reach out to Patrick and Josh via email at papreudhomme@unc.edu & joshua_ingebretson@unc.edu

Josh Ingebretson
Patrick Preudhomme

Patrick and Josh are also excited to work with the rest of the NCHO RA-Drive In committee which consists of Lindsay Knapp (Community Director), Natalie Conti (Community Director, Brianna Horton (Community Director) and the rest of the entire Carolina Housing department.