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Every residence hall room has a blue recycling tote for students to collect all recyclable materials including newspapers and magazines, bottles and cans, and mixed paper. Material collected in the tote can be taken to the nearest Outdoor Site (blue carts located behind most campus buildings including residence halls) and separated into the appropriate roll carts.

Also, the front office of every residential community has recycling bins for batteries, printer cartridges and compact fluorescent bulbs. For assistance with safe, proper cleanup of broken compact fluorescent bulbs, please contact Fix My Room. You may also find instructions for safe cleanup at:

Residential Green Games

Residential Green Games is a student-run environmental competition among the fifteen housing communities at UNC. Green Games seeks to promote student awareness regarding issues of campus sustainability, energy and water conservation, waste reduction, recycling and other environmental concerns. The aim is to present opportunities for students to learn about these issues from one another and encourage them to incorporate what they've learned into their daily routines on campus.

Student Move-Out

Our students end up with a lot of stuff at the end of the year, and when they move out for the summer they can't take it all with them. During student move-out in the spring, futons, carpets, televisions, desk lamps, binders, food, school supplies, microwaves, etc. are collected at bins outside the residence halls and donated to one of our partnering charitable organizations.

More Information

Additional recycling information is available from the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling: