File 2593

Co-Ed Accommodations

Halls and apartment buildings designated as "Co-Ed" are divided in such a way that each of the bathroom/showering areas in the building will be intended for residents of the same gender. 

For example, a suite of 8 students (4 bedrooms) has a private bathroom with shower, so all 4 rooms would be occupied by students of the same gender.  The suite next door has its own bathroom/shower, so the gender of the students in that suite is not dependent on the gender of the students in the neighboring suite.

For hall style buildings where the bathroom/shower area is shared by all residents on that floor, all residents on the same floor would be of the same gender, while the floors above or below may house students of the opposite gender.  Occasionally halls are divided by a lobby and there are bathroom facilities in each wing of the hall, in which case the gender is specific to the wing instead of the entire hall.

Apartment units will always be assigned to students of the same gender, regardless of the number of bedrooms or bathrooms in the apartment floor plan.