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Bed Safety Rails

Since we cannot anticipate whether or not students will want to bunk or loft their bed, bed safety rails are included in every room, for every bed. If you opt not to install the bed safety rail, you must find a place to store it in your room. Please do not call to request pickup or storage of your safety rail.

Below are the bed safety rail installation instructions for all communities except Parker*.

Step one:  Lift up mattress.

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Step two: Lay safety rail flat down on the bed spring and attach the two hooks on the safety rail to the bed spring.

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Step three: Lift up the safety rail.

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Step four:  Lay mattress back down.

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*For rooms in the Parker community (Avery, Teague and Parker) the safety rail hooks slip straight down onto the unique bed springs that only these rooms have. It will not be necessary to lift the mattress or lay the safety rail flat on the bed springs.