File 2593

Approved and Not Approved Items

  • Residence halls must comply with university policy, which restricts each individual residence hall room to 1800 watts usage at any time.
  • No single appliance can exceed 1000 watts of usage or have an exposed heating element.
  • Halogen lamps and multi-bulb light fixtures (ie, "octopus" or "spider" lamps) are expressly forbidden in the residence halls.
  • We recommend power strips with both surge protection AND cord fire protection.

If you have questions about a specific appliance, please contact your Community Director or email us with your question.


  • blender
  • can opener
  • coffee maker
  • crock pot
  • desk lamp
  • electric grill, indoor (for example, George Foreman)
  • electric mixer
  • floor lamp (non-halogen, single bulb)
  • fans - floor or window type
  • food processor
  • hot air popcorn popper
  • hot dog steamer
  • hot pots
  • low heat warming tray (200 F)
  • microwave oven
  • power outlet strip
  • 1 small refrigerator per student: max = 2' x 3' x 1' (6 cubic feet)
  • space heater with UL label and tip-over protection
  • three-prong extension cords
  • toaster

Not Approved

  • WiFi routers
  • air conditioner (personal)
  • ceiling fan
  • deep fat fryer
  • electric crepe maker
  • electric fry pan
  • electric griddle
  • electric waffle iron
  • electric wok
  • fog and smoke machines
  • rice cookers
  • halogen bulbs and lamps
  • hot oil popcorn popper
  • hotplate   
  • multiple-bulb light fixture ("octopus" or "spider" lamps)
  • slow cooker/grill convertible
  • toaster oven
  • two-prong household extension cords
  • washing machine / dryer (except in Baity Hill/Mason Farm)
  • moped or scooter
  • self-balancing scooters (also known as "hover boards") 
  • gas can

NOTE: Because the apartments on campus (Ram Village, and Baity Hill/Mason Farm) have kitchens with stoves, ovens, and countertop space, the following items are approved for use in these facilities in addition to the list above:

  • deep fat fryer (Baity Hill apartments only)
  • electric fry pan
  • electric griddle
  • electric wok
  • toaster oven