residence life

Your Resident Advisor (RA)

The first person you'll want to meet is your Resident Advisor (RA). Your RA is a student, like you, but also a staff member trained to help you learn about life at Carolina and in your residence hall community. Living on your floor, an RA can serve as a resource, support person and guide to help you get the most from your college experience.

Resident Advisors work to create a sense of individual responsibility and encourage opportunities for learning, growth, friendship and socialization. RAs and residents alike share in the effort to maintain a strong sense of community. RAs have the additional responsibility to become involved in the process of educating students about accountability and responsibility for their choices and actions. 

Each community also has a Resident Advisor Mentor (RAM), who is responsible for peer leadership and mentoring on their staff with other RAs.  They also help plan programs and activities for the community, along with the other RAs.

Interested in working as an RA?