Transfer United


What is Transfer United?

Transfer United (TU) is a collaborative effort designed to promote your seamless transition as a junior transfer student to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. By encouraging success in academics, wellness and engagement, the program will help you establish a connection with the University and prepare you to persist through to graduation.

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Who should apply to Transfer United?

All new junior transfers who want to get off to a strong start at Carolina should apply. Students who apply will need to arrange their schedule to be available to participate in all components of the program.

What is the advantage of joining Transfer United?

  • Create a bridge between your community college experience and your Carolina experience
  • Build a network of peers with the common experience of transferring
  • Gain a greater understanding of the academic rigor of Carolina coursework
  • Connect with campus resources and support
  • Find success in your chosen major
  • Feel academically and socially connected to Carolina

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What is involved?

Transfer United offers an integrated approach to providing you with support and resources through a combination of residence life programs, academic coursework, peer mentoring, guest speakers, academic resource workshops, career coaching seminars, and service opportunities.

Participation in all of the following core components is required:

1) Transfer United Residential Learning Program
You will be assigned campus housing in Carmichael Residence Hall with other junior transfer students, making it easier to meet new people and feel at home early in the semester.

As a Transfer United resident, you will be required to: 

  • Participate in one student-coordinator facilitated meeting/program per month and one faculty engagement program per month.
  • Participate in sub-committees focused on enhancing the TU community.
  • Be active and engaged in all TU programs. 

2) Fall Junior Transfer Seminar: EDUC 301–Thriving in Transition
In this academic 3-credit course, you’ll work closely with a faculty member and other junior transfers in a small discussion-oriented class environment. The course will survey the role of colleges and universities from political, social and educational viewpoints. As part of the course you will reflect on your own experiences in higher education.

The seminar fulfills two General Education Requirements: SS–Social and Behavioral Science and EE–Experiential Education. It is also designated as a research-intensive course which may be used for the Carolina Research Scholar Program (CRSP).

3) Junior Transfer Success Group
This meeting is designed to support your successful transition to Carolina and to discuss questions and concerns unique to transfer students. You will also have the opportunity to network with University professionals and to engage directly with campus resources that can help you actualize your personal, academic and professional goals.

The group meets regularly during the first eight weeks of the semester (time TBA).

4) T-Links Mentoring
T-Links is designed to help new transfer students become acclimated, both inside and outside the classroom at UNC. T-Links mentors work with key offices across campus to serve as a resource for easing the academic and social transition of new transfer students.

Is there a cost?

There is no additional cost to participate in Transfer United. Standard tuition/fees and housing charges apply.

How do I apply?

You are eligible to apply to Transfer United as soon as your admission reply form and enrollment deposit are received and processed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis until all spaces are filled, so it’s best to submit your application as soon as you know you are interested in joining. To apply to Transfer United, you must submit the following items:

1) Complete the Housing Application through the MyHousing Portal.

2) Then complete the RLP application through the MyHousing Portal.

What Transfer United students are saying
Quotes taken from a year-end Transfer United resident survey:

  • “I always heard how hard it was for transfer students to get acclimated to UNC, but having a group going through the same process definitely helped. We support and challenge one another to make sure none of us fall behind. Oh, and did I mention game nights? Those are always fun!” -- Victoria Drake, Transfer United 2016-17
  • "TU gave me the opportunity to live with fellow transfers who share similar backgrounds in one of the best dorms on campus. It's great to have such a support system of friends already at Carolina." -- Andrew Wishon, Transfer United 2016-17
  • “To say that Transfer United was a huge help in my transition from community college to UNC would be a major understatement. This program is full of good people from all walks of life who work hard, have fun, and challenge each other to be better. Of course Transfer United connects transfer students with the helpful professionals and specialized resources they need to succeed at the university. But what I think is more important is the social aspect. TU members enjoy hanging out with each other—not just because they live together, but because everyone has an interesting story to tell and a unique aspect of their character to contribute to the group. 5 out of 5 would join again." -- Jay Siebold, TU 2016-17
  • "Transferring is tough. Transferring is scary. Why wouldn't you want to share that experience with a group of people who understand because they're just as scared as you are? I went in looking for a group of friends and came out with a family. Also, a magnificently intricate network of hints on where to obtain free t-shirts." -- David Siebold, TU 2016-17
  • "Working with Transfer United surpassed all my expectations. I am so thankful for this group of residents - for all that they have taught me and for the joy they bring to this program. If you are thinking about living on campus, I highly encourage you to apply to the program. For the times you want someone to meet you for dinner, the times you question your major and your intelligence, the times you are homesick, the times you are physically sick, the times you just want to put on a good film with some friends, the times you want to dance in the lounge to your favorite songs - TU will always be there for you. UNC will feel like home before you know it." -- Nyla Numan, TU Student Coordinator


Contact for more information.

Transfer United is a partnership of the Office of Undergraduate Education, New Student & Carolina Parent Programs, and the Department of Housing & Residential Education.

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