FAQ about Residential Learning Programs

What is the time commitment for a Residential Learning Program (RLP)?
Most RLPs have a weekly meeting that lasts for 2 hours, and most communities participate in another group activity during the week. You can expect a total commitment of approximately 2-5 hours a week.

Can my roommate live with me if they are not a member of the RLP?
No. Only students who have applied and been accepted into the same RLP are allowed to room together.

Can I select my room in an RLP?
No. At this time, room assignments are made by the Community Director.

Will I be able to get a single room in an RLP?
Probably not. As is the case with the overall inventory of single rooms on campus, there simply are not that many single rooms to be had. The assignment of single rooms in an RLP is at the discretion of the Community Director.

What are my chances of getting accepted into an RLP?
Everyone has an equal chance although we do recommend applying as soon as possible as spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

How do I increase my chances of being selected?
We suggest writing genuine, thoughtful responses to the essay questions and carefully reviewing the grammar and composition of your writing before submitting.

Do RLPs require any work over the summer?
No. RLPs commence once classes begin and students move into the residence halls. Your Student Coordinator (SC) might contact you over the summer to begin building relationships and get preliminary information from students.

Is there a first-year student RLP?
All RLPs are open to students of any age. The only program not designed for first-year students is Transfer United.

Are there any additional costs to live in a RLP?
No. These communities are the same price as all residence halls at UNC-Chapel Hill.

How many students are in each community?
Download the Building Comparison Chart to view total community size.

Do I have to take a class to be a part of a RLP?
Some RLPs have a class component that is mandatory; these requirements are clearly outlined on each RLP page.

I haven’t received a confirmation, how long does it take to get notification?
After an application is successfully submitted you should receive an email confirmation of the submission with a copy of your application. If this does not happen, make sure to check your UNC email as well as the Spam folder.

After an application is successfully submitted, please allow a minimum of two weeks for it to be processed. If you have not received an additional email after 3 weeks please notify the Housing Department.