Chinese House

The mission of the Chinese House Residential Learning Program is to offer UNC students the opportunity to pursue their interests in a foreign language and culture beyond the classroom. By pursuing these interests and promoting similar interest in other students, they will help foster a spirit of curiosity and tolerance that will enhance the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s respect for multiculturalism.


Brief Overview:
Students in the Chinese House speak Chinese on a regular basis in the community. There are weekly meetings/educational sessions about language and culture. The Chinese House features conversational hours where students meet up to use Chinese in social settings around campus and Chapel Hill.

207 Community Structure:
Students will participate in four different areas of involvement within the Language House program.

  • Language Development/Fluency: The main focus of the Language House curriculum is to improve fluency and accuracy in the language of study. This will be accomplished by speaking in the language while in the community, the conversational programs, and building all educational programming in the community around speaking the language. 
  • Cultural Development: Language development goes beyond learning the spoken word. Through the Language House curriculum students will learn about the culture of countries where the language is spoken.
  • Service: Participants will be challenged to find an area where they can incorporate their language knowledge and acquisition into a service opportunity. This can be through tutoring K-12 students, working with a local agency to help translate, working for causes associated with countries the language is spoken in, etc.
  • Social: Activities in this category relate to the opportunities within the community and across campus to connect with other students and enjoy the atmosphere of living on a college campus. This will create bonds between the residents living in the Chinese House, and with other students language groups on campus.

Leadership and Involvement Opportunities:
The Chinese House has student coordinator(s) who plan and implement programs for the House.

Participants become involved by helping to run educational sessions throughout the semester. Students are required to present on an area of the language or culture that interests them throughout their time in the Chinese House. All members  have the opportunity to help plan and organize events for the house.

Admission Criteria:
All students apply through the Department of Housing’s Residential Learning Program application. The Chinese House is looking for students who have a strong interest in learning the language and culture. All students are required to have some experience and fluency, or be entering the University as a Chinese major or minor. 

The Chinese House is the perfect place for first year students to expand their learning of Chinese outside of the classroom.  This community brings together all class years of Chinese students and the resources through the Asian Studies Department, Chinese Conversation Club, and other venues to provide a complete immersion experience!  All Chinese House members should be enrolled in at least one Chinese course during the school year they live in the Chinese House.

Why you should consider Language Houses:
If you are interested in learning another language, this is the perfect on-campus opportunity. This is also a valuable step towards making your study abroad plans!

Carmichael Community Director: Lanita Holsey, 
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