What participants are saying

At the conclusion of the pilot year for Meals with Heels, the following outcomes were reported:

  • One student said, “I gained a better understanding of who my professor is and created a relationship with him.”
  • After participating in the Meals with Heels program, 57.1% of student respondents say they are very likely to increase their out-of-classroom interactions with faculty, and 42.8% say they are somewhat likely to do the same.
  • The majority of students (71.4%) think that faculty and student out-of-class interactions are very important, while 14.3% say they are important, and 14.3% say they are moderately important.
  • When asked what they gained from the Meals with Heels program, students mentioned: relationships with faculty, the background of the subjects taught by faculty, a better understanding of their professors, and insightful conversation from participating in the program.
  • After participating in the MWH program, 100% of faculty felt more connected to their students, would participate in the program again, and would recommend the program to other faculty.
  • One faculty member explained, “I really enjoyed learning more about my students and why they were interested in the class.”
  • The program allowed faculty to connect with and gain insight into the lives of the students. Student-faculty discussion topics ranged from personal experiences to discussing future research projects and graduate school programs.
  • One faculty member said that Meals with Heels “helps (the students) realize I'm just another person, and it helps me realize all the things (the students) have pulling at them.”