FAQ about Meals with Heels

What exactly is Meals with Heels?

Meals with Heels is a student-initiated program, in partnership with Carolina Dining Services, that invites faculty and students to get together on a one-on-one basis over a free meal at a campus dining location of their choice. The intent is to facilitate casual conversations between faculty and students that build relationships and ultimately lead to student academic success.

Why was it established?

Meals with Heels was developed as a class project for EDUC 318 by UNC students who felt there was not enough dialogue between students and faculty. Through this program, which was inspired by similar ones at other top institutions, they aim to bridge the gap in communication between students and their professors.

Who can participate in the Meals with Heels Program?

Because this program is funded by a grant awarded to the Department of Housing & Residential Education, participation during this pilot phase requires that you be a full-time student living in campus housing. Funds will only be distributed to students and faculty members who are currently involved in the same class.

How can I set up a meal?

First, students interested in the program are encouraged to approach their instructor and ask if he or she would be willing to participate. Next, students and the professor discuss what time and location works for all parties. Then, all students and faculty members involved must fill out  an application at least two weeks in advance of requested date. 

Do I get charged for participating?

No. The program is free of charge for the participants. Participants will be issued a meal voucher for payment. 

How can I spread the word about Meals with Heels?

It’s easy! Tell your friends and classmates about it via word of mouth, through flyers and other pub, or through social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Am I guaranteed a meal if I submit an application?

No. Funds are distributed at the discretion of the Meals with Heels Coordinator.  Applications received less than two weeks prior to the requested date will not be considered.