Procedural Rights

A student accused of violating the Community Living Standards is afforded procedural rights in the Housing Conduct Process. An accused student has the right:

  • To receive a notice of the charge(s);
  • To be informed of the procedural alternatives applicable to their case;
  • To review the Incident Report regarding the charges against them. They may request to view the report in advance of their hearing;
  • To be presumed not responsible until evidence of their involvement in the violation is proven by a preponderance of the evidence standard (more likely than not);
  • To have an objective and impartial hearing; if a Student feels that the Hearing Officer cannot consider the case impartially, they may request that a different Hearing Officer be assigned to their case;
  • To have their hearing held within a reasonable amount of time;
  • To be represented by an attorney or non-attorney advocate. Further information can be found at:
  • To present witnesses or evidence on their behalf at the hearing. The student is responsible for securing the presence of witnesses and gathering evidence on their behalf;
  • To appeal the outcomes of this process.