The Hearing Process

In the initial meeting, the Hearing Officer shall inform the accused student in detail of the charge(s), the Housing Conduct Process, and their procedural rights. Additionally, the Hearing Officer and the accused student will review any applicable evidence, including the incident report, as well as hear any statement the student may wish to make.

During the initial meeting, the student will be given the option to resolve the case with the hearing officer. If the student exercises this option, the initial meeting becomes an administrative hearing and proceeds as such. If the student exercises the option to hold the administrative hearing at later date, that hearing will occur at least five (5) business days after the initial meeting.   

During an administrative hearing, the Hearing Officer shall inform the accused student in detail of the charge(s), applicable evidence, alternatives available in responding to the charge including acknowledgement of responsibility and implications, possible sanctions, and applicable procedural and appeal rights. During an administrative hearing, the accused student may provide any information or statements that they deem important for the Hearing Officer to consider.  If the student fails to attend the administrative hearing without prior written notice, the hearing officer will conduct the hearing in their absence and render a decision based on the information available.

In determining a finding of responsibility, the Hearing Office will utilize a “preponderance of the evidence” standard. This standard means that after careful and impartial consideration of the evidence and witness statements presented during the administrative hearing, the Hearing Officer determines it is more likely than not that the accused student committed the alleged violation of the Community Living Standards. The Hearing Officer’s decision shall rest solely on the evidence contained in the record of the administrative hearing. The Hearing Officer may reach one of the following decisions: (a) not responsible, (b) responsible, (c) deferred. The Hearing Officer shall submit a written rationale of their decision and any sanctions to the student as soon as possible, but in no more than five (5) business days.

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