Conduct Process

Housing Conduct Process

It is important to realize that the Conduct Process outlined here only applies to alleged violations of Housing and Residential Education's Community Living Standards.

The Department of Housing and Residential Education strives to create a positive living environment where students treat one another with respect and conduct themselves responsibly, consistent with the Community Living Standards. To promote this environment, the Department of Housing and Residential Education will administer a fair and judicious conduct process grounded in education, ethical decision making and community responsibility.


Documentation of the Incident

If a resident violates one of Housing and Residential Education's Community Living Standards or the Campus Alcohol Policy, it is likely that the resident will be confronted by one of our staff members. The staff member will document the situation in an Incident Report, and that documentation will go to the Community Director (CD) of the residential community where the incident took place. The Community Director will then assign a hearing time for the student based on their class schedule. A resident has the right to review the information in an incident report that applies to them.

The Hearing Process

The Hearing Officer (Community Director or other appointed housing official) will discuss the incident with the resident. The Hearing Officer will ask the resident to present their account of the incident, and compare it to the information presented in the Incident Report or gathered through the investigation. After all of the information has been presented, the Hearing Officer will make a decision on the resident’s level of responsibility for each individual charge. The Hearing Officer’s finding will be based on a preponderance of evidence standard (more likely than not).


In keeping with the mission of the Department of Housing and Residential Education and the Housing Conduct Philosophy, sanctions are intended to educate students as to why their actions were inappropriate, help students improve their ethical decision making, and hold students accountable to their contractual obligations of living in campus housing.


All appeals are to be submitted via email to the Coordinator for Housing Conduct (Kate Dicato, who serves as the Appellate Officer. Appeals must be filed no later than five (5) business days from the delivery of the resolution letter. 

Any sanctions imposed by the Hearing Officer will not be enforced until the deadline for submission of an appeal has passed. Once a student submits a request for appeal, their sanction(s) will continue to be put on hold pending a final appeal decision outcome. 

Procedural Rights

A student accused of violating the Community Living Standards is afforded procedural rights in the Housing Conduct Process. An accused student has the right: