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Year Built
1962; bedrooms and suite bathrooms remodeled in 2012

Hall Population


Fire Safety
Smoke detectors, in-room alarms, and sprinkler system

Resident Advisors

Study rooms, kitchen and ice machine, laundry, tv room, mailboxes, lounges, recreation room, vending machines, CCI print station

Average Room Measurements
Front Rooms: 12' X 13'
Back Rooms (by bathroom): 13' X 15'

Window Measurements
43" x 64"

Window Coverings
Wood-look, wide-slat blinds

Window units

Built-in desk & dresser dimensions

  • 1 shared dresser (4 drawers and 2 small drawers)
  • 2 desks
  • 2 desk chairs
  • 2 twin beds with twin XL mattresses (beds may be bunked or lofted; no self-built lofts permitted)

Built-in, no doors

Mattress Size
80" long, 36" wide, 6"deep. Requires Twin XL sheets.

Suite bathrooms have 1 toilet, 2 sinks, 1 shower. To hang a privacy curtain in front of the toilet area, the tension rod needs to be at least 54" long.

DID YOU KNOW? Fun Facts About Craige:

  • Printing in the mailroom
  • Very close proximity to Dean Smith Center (it’s right up the hill)
  • Best geographically located high-rise FYE hall on south campus (use short cut by public safety to get to main campus)
  •  Smallest of 3 high-rise communities on south campus – most quaint, tucked into a small grove with tree/shrubbery completely surrounding it