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Hall Details
Year Built:
1952, renovated 2005
Hall Population: 400
Fire Safety:
Smoke detectors, alarms and sprinkler system
Resident Advisors:
Amenities: Study Rooms, Kitchen and Ice Machine, Laundry, TV Room, Lounges on each floor, Recreation Room, Vending Machines

Room Details
Average Room Measurements: 12' X 14'
65" x 51"
Window Coverings:
Horizontal blinds
All rooms have central A/C
Furniture: Movable dressers, desks and study chairs
Movable beds may be bunked or lofted; no self-built lofts permitted.
Closet with door
Mattress Size:
80" long, 36" wide, 6"deep

DID YOU KNOW? Fun Facts About Cobb:

  • Printing in the basement
  • Students say it doesn’t feel like a residence hall because it’s really “fancy”
  • Located across from Battle Park