When asked “which of the following factors influenced your decision to live on campus this year?” 70% of our students said, “the convenience of being close to classes,” 59% said, “the ability to build friendships in the residence halls,” and 48% said, “having all of my amenities included in one lump payment.”

We make things easy for our students who live on campus. Not only are students a short walk from classes, dining facilities, academic resources, and fun campus events, but we offer even more than convenience. We have a housekeeping staff to keep common areas and bathrooms sparkling clean. Our Community Directors and Resident Advisors do a fantastic job of keeping students safe and tackling any concerns or questions they may have. In fact, we would love to have your student join our team and get involved by working as a Resident Advisor or for RHA/Community Government, as a Conference Advisor, or as a ResNet Residential Computing Consultant!

Within the common areas in our halls, residents have the opportunity to find both a quiet study space or get involved in community programs and make new friends. Students also don’t have to deal with the hassles of managing monthly utility payments or an overbearing landlord – all expenses are included in one lump sum at the beginning of each semester when you live on campus. Our residents also don’t have to deal with paying for transportation to and from campus, finding a place to park, and the inability to run back to their room if they forget something or want to grab a quick nap. Students have their whole lives to live in apartments and houses, but they only have four years to get the true college experience of living on campus. Don’t let them miss out on such a wonderful opportunity!   

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