Multicultural Advisor Program

The Multicultural Advisor program promotes learning in the areas of multiculturalism, diversity and social justice through monthly staff development sessions co-facilitated by a Multicultural Advisor and a Community Director. Multicultural Advisors are resident advisors who receive additional training on social justice issues and facilitating group discussion on issues focused on multiculturalism. They encourage and promote learning through dialogue, resident interactions and programming.

The program has the following objectives:

  • To create an environment that develops DHRE student leaders to dialogue around topics relating to diversity, multiculturalism and social justice
  • To increase awareness and knowledge of diverse identities and how they influence interactions with others
  • To promote inclusive communities through positive interaction
  • Increase resources available for staff on topics relating to diversity, multiculturalism and social justice


The program objectives are met through the creation and facilitation of modules that cover a range of topics related to multiculturalism and social justice through the use of discussions, scenarios, interactive multimedia, crafts, and campus tours.








Student Quote: “Being an MA has helped open my eyes to important social justice issues on campus, and helped me realize a passion I have for these issues. It has increased my awareness of issues of oppression, and helped me to see how important proactive action is in combatting these issues.”

For more information about the Multicultural Advisor Program please contact the Coordinator for First Year Development, Sarah Hoffarth at