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Housing Selection Process 2014-2015

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The Housing Selection Process is for any student who is already taking classes at UNC, interested in living on campus next year. If you are in incoming first-year or transfer student (i.e., have not yet arrived on campus) you will participate in a different process, outlined under Future Residents.

How does it work?

There are two primary steps that are necessary to participate in the Housing Selection Process:

Step 1: Submit a Contract/Application

Apply at beginning January 15

By submitting a Contract/Application, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Housing Contract. This lets us know that you want to live on campus and makes you eligible to select your own housing.

You will have the chance to claim your same room/apartment in this step.

If you are not keeping your same room, your selection date and time will be emailed to you by 5 pm on the day after the application deadline.

Application Deadlines

  • Application for Returning Students: February 13 by 12 noon
  • To apply for a Living-Learning Community, first submit a housing Contract/Application. Then click on the "LLC/SIH" tab to complete the application for the Living-Learning Community. 
  • Special Interest Housing Deadline: February 7
  • LLC Deadline: March 7

Step 2: Select Your Room or Apartment

Once you have submitted your Contract/Application, you will receive an email indicating your selection date and time to select your housing.

Your priority is determined by your academic class standing with the University Registrar as of February 2014. It is based on credit hours completed and does not include your Spring credits.

If your Living-Learning Community application is still pending, go ahead and select a room/apartment as a backup plan.

Apartment Selection/Super Suite Dates

  • Keep same apartment or super suite – February 18
  • Move to another apartment or super suite – February 19
  • Pick an apartment or super suite – February 20

Residence Hall Selection Dates

  • Keep same room – February 21
  • Keep same suite and pull in suitemates – February 24
  • Move within your building – February 25
  • Select a space in the Cobb Honors Hall(Honors students only) - February 26
  • Current Seniors, Juniors – Pick on February 27
  • Sophomores – Pick on February 28
  • Current first-years – Lottery on March 3 and 4

Fine Tune Period - March 17 at 9:00am - March 23 at 8:00am

This is an opportunity to tweak your assignment or shuffle roommates / hallmates / suitemates based on what remains available after the above processes close. 

Changes for the 2014-2015 Academic Year

  • Cobb Hall - Current residents of Cobb Hall will have first priority for space in Cobb when the returner room selection process opens up, this will include all former 4th floor residents. After returning Cobb residents have selected their rooms, rising sophomore, junior, and senior Honors students will have priority for all remaining Cobb spaces. If there are any spaces remaining, these will be opened up for all returning non-honors students.
  • South Campus - In order to maximize the First Year Experience Program, returning residents will be limited to the following South Campus residence halls: Morrison, Odum Village, Ram Village and a limited number of spaces in Craige North. This will open up more spaces on North Campus for returning residents.

How much will housing cost next year?

View the rates for 2014-2015. These are also available by clicking "Rates" at the top of our home page next to the search box.


Our ultimate objective with the Housing Selection Process is for you to obtain a satisfactory housing assignment. By allowing you to select your own room or apartment based on real-time availability (much the same way you register for classes), we give you the control to select the living arrangement from the available choices that best fits your needs and preferences.

The Housing Assignments staff is happy to help answer any questions related to the Housing Selection Process.

Email us:

Facebook us: UNC Housing

Call us: 919-962-5401

Stop by: SASB North, Suite 1209, Monday - Friday between 8 am - 5 pm.

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