Transfer Students: FAQ

For questions about the University enrollment deposit, registering for classes, academic advising and health immunization forms, please visit the Transfer Enrollment Checklist page at

 How are housing assignments made for transfer students?

  • Transfer applications are processed in the order we receive them, so it's best to apply as soon as you are sure you want to live on campus. We do our best to assign you housing based on the preferences you indicate on your application, however, assignments are subject to availability and we can't always promise you'll get one of the locations you preferenced.

Is there a deposit required to apply for housing?

  • No. There is no deposit required to apply for housing.  However, if you apply and then cancel you will be responsible for a minimum $200 cancellation penalty.

Do I have to live on campus?

  • No. Transfer students may live on or off-campus.

What is the deadline to apply for on-campus housing?

  • The priority deadline is June 15. You may still apply after that date, but preference is given to students who met the deadline and you may not receive your top choice for housing. Therefore, it is crucial you get your application in as soon as possible. 

Are Residential Learning Programs something transfer students join?

  • Yes!  Transfer students are encouraged to take advantage of the unique opportunities Residential Learning Programs afford.  You'll have the same experience as a traditional resident who lives in campus housing, with the added benefit of living near other like-minded students who share common interests and are committed to getting involved at Carolina.  One specific RLP that might of interest to transfer students is Transfer United. Transfer students are also encouraged to consider Chinese House, Spanish House, Sustainability, WELL, Pride Place, and Balance. Learn more about these RLPs here

Are there certain halls for transfer students?

Yes and no.

  • Students who are accepted to the Transfer United Residential Learning Program will live together in a specific residence hall with other transfer students in the RLP.
  • But transfer students who opt not to apply for Transfer United will be assigned with other upper-class students (not necessarily other transfer students) in any of the 32 residence halls or apartment community based on the preferences indicated on their housing application.

I'm not sure how to rank the building preferences. What are the differences?

On your application you will be prompted to rank your preferred residential areas from north and south campus as well as apartments. This way, no matter which region of campus you end up being assigned, you will have had the opportunity to let Housing know which areas you prefer.

Just keep in mind, we can't guarantee you will be assigned to one of your preferred areas; it all depends what space is available after current students select their housing. 

Can you accommodate my asthma/allergies?

Can I live by myself as a transfer student?

  • Yes, potentially. While we cannot guarantee where you'll be assigned, we do offer private bedrooms in Ram Village apartments for transfer students, so be sure to rank that highest when selecting your housing building style preferences.

I’m thinking about living at Granville – what’s the difference?

  • Although Granville Towers is considered a partner to UNC Housing, Granville Towers is managed by a private entity, and contracts are issued independently of the Department of Housing & Residential Education. It’s important to note that contracts are not transferable between UNC Housing and Granville Towers.

Can I request a roommate?

  • Sure! You may request a roommate when you apply online for housing. It is important that both students list each other on their applications.

What if I don’t have a roommate?

  • If you don't have a roommate in mind, don't worry! The Assignments Team will work to place you with another upper-class student in a similar situation. 
  • You can also use the MyHousing portal to search through potential roommates based on their living and study habits, and exchange email communication through the portal.

Am I signing a contract by submitting an application?

  • Yes. By clicking "Submit" on the Housing application, you are agreeing to the Housing Contract which is a contract for the entire academic year. 

When will we find out our housing assignment (and how)?

  • Typically transfer students who met the June 15 priority date will receive their assignment confirmation in late June.  Confirmation is initially sent by email and can be checked online at

Why didn't I get assigned to one of the communities I preferenced on my Housing Application?

  • The preferences you list on your Housing Application are guidelines that our team looks at while making your room assignment. As we process the applications in random order, we can't guarantee you'll be assigned to any of your preferences if space is not available at the time your application is processed.

What if my roommate and I have differences we can't work out - can I change rooms?

  • Sure. Beginning after the second week of fall semester and continuing throughout the academic year, students can request a move through their community office.

When and how does move-in work?

  • Students attending the last Transfer Student Orientation session can arrive at 9:00 a.m. on the day before orientation to move in.  Otherwise, students assigned to southern campus residence halls can move in either Friday or Saturday of opening weekend, according to their room number.  Arrival times are staggered by last name.  Students assigned to northern campus residence halls can move in on Saturday of opening weekend. Students assigned to Ram Village can move in any beginning Wednesday prior to opening weekend. View the calendar for move-in dates.

Do I have to leave during breaks?

  • Residents of Ram Village apartments can stay in their apartment over any of the breaks at no cost.
  • Residents of residence halls can stay in their room over Fall Break at no cost. However, to stay on campus over Thanksgiving, Winter Break or Spring Break, residents will need to apply for Break Housing, and student accounts will be billed accordingly.

How do I pay for housing (is it lumped with tuition payments)?

  • The Office of University Accounts will bill in mid-July for tuition and housing, as well as any other charges associated with the University, and payments will be due through your student account. You will not make a payment directly to the Housing office.

Can I bring a loft?

  • No, Housing provides all of the necessary materials to bunk or loft your beds. Self-made lofts are not allowed.

When can I apply to be an RA?

  • Students can become an RA after completing one semester on campus. The application process begins at the end of the fall semester.

What happens if I cancel my Housing application? 

  • First-year and transfer students who cancel after submitting an application are charged a $200 penalty up until opening or taking possession of the room key, whichever occurs first.  After opening or receipt of room key, the cancellation penalty is 50% of the total contract value (full academic year).  We do not charge students a cancellation penalty if they do not attend Carolina.