New Students: Cancellation Penalties

This cancellation policy applies to "new students" which we define as a student who has signed a housing contract for the upcoming academic year and will be enrolling in classes at UNC for the first time.

Cancel in Writing
To cancel your Housing Contract, you must do so in writing. Notifying other University departments cannot effect cancellations. You may cancel your Housing Contract by emailing the Department of Housing and Residential Education at (recommended) or by faxing a letter to 919-962-1006.

  • Include your full name, PID and a statement saying that you wish to cancel your housing.

Cancellation Fees
Cancellation Fees for students new to the University:

  • Prior to Occupancy
    When you click “Submit” on your Housing Application, you accept and agree to the terms of the Housing Contract. If you cancel your Housing Contract before the residence halls open for fall semester, a $200 cancellation fee will be applied to your student account.
  • After Occupancy
    If you cancel your Housing Contract after the residence halls officially open (or after you accept the room keys, whichever is earlier), cancellation charges will be one-half of the financial liability for the entire academic year, plus any charges for pro-rated room rent (calculated on a weekly basis).
  • Students who do not enroll in the University will not incur the $200 cancellation fee.

Financial Aid

If you defer payments through Financial Aid, you are responsible for any cancellation penalties assessed. Typically, Financial Aid does not cover cancellation penalties; therefore, students are individually responsible for assessments made to the student account.