International Student FAQs

Global FAQs

Q:  Where should I live on campus?

A: All of our halls and apartments have something different to offer. You should definitely check them all out on our website. Please note that not all halls may be available, and you will be placed based on availability.


Q: Can I stay in my room over breaks?

A: Our apartments (Baity Hill, Ram Village) as well as Granville Towers are open during breaks. All of our other halls close for Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring break. We do have some break housing available at a low cost. You can learn more about break housing here.


Q: What happens if I get lost or forget what building I’m living in?

A:  Please contact the Department of Public Safety at 919-962-8100. You can also lookup your hall address HERE.  


Q: Can I send packages ahead of time?

A: Please visit our Mail and Packages website for more information about sending and receiving packages.