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EDUC 318: Peer Leadership in the University Environment

EDUC 318:  Peer Leadership in the University Environment (2 credits)

Peer Leadership in the University Environment will define leadership within a local and global context.  This course is designed to be an exploration of how values, beliefs, and social identities intersect to influence one's leadership philosophy. Students will develop their leadership identity not only through self-awareness, but through enhanced intercultural competence in an effort to collaborate and promote social change in the community. Through ongoing analytical reflection, students will develop a personal definition of leadership informed by different foundational leadership models. Students will integrate and apply their learning by engaging in a capstone research experience; thereby, transforming leadership philosophy into practice and actualizing positive social change in the University community. This course is open to any UNC student and is not a requirement of the Resident Advisor position.

Course Learning Outcomes:

As a result of completing this course successfully, students will:


  1. Employ research skills to identify a significant challenge facing the university, local, and/ or global community in order to develop and implement tangible solutions for positive change.
  2. Practice information literacy when selecting resources to support arguments developed in their assignments. 
  3. dentify, analyze, and evaluate how foundational models of leadership and social identities inform their leadership identity development.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to work effectively individually or collaboratively through the completion of course assignments.
  5. Incorporate intercultural knowledge and skills when leading and collaborating with peers and stakeholders. 


The main element and largest grading component of this course is the capstone research project. In small groups, students will develop a research project based on an issue they want to see improved at UNC.