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EDUC 318: Peer Leadership in the University Environment

Each RA is encouraged to take the class Peer Leadership in the University Environment (EDUC 318, 2 credits).

Course Description

Peer Leadership in the University Environment is designed to be an experience in leadership. Through a capstone research project and personal leadership reflection, integration, and application, this course provides an opportunity for students to define their leadership identity and develop a greater self-awareness on how to work with others to accomplish positive social change.

This course is based on the Relational Leadership Model which defines leadership as “the relational and ethical process of people together attempting to accomplish positive change.” Class sessions focus on one of the five relational leadership components:

  • inclusive
  • empowering
  • ethical
  • process oriented
  • purposeful

Each concept builds upon the next, challenging students to think about their areas of strength and growth as it relates to course concepts. Moreover, students are challenged to think about how to synthesize individual leadership with peer leadership.

The main element and largest grading component of this course is the capstone research project. The capstone research project gives students the opportunity to apply course concepts and the relational leadership model to a real-life issue. In small groups, students will develop a research project based on an issue they want to see improved at UNC.